State superintendents of public instruction of the United States


State may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''
State Magazine ''State Magazine'' is a digital magazine published by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Global Talent Management. Its mission is to acquaint Department of State employees at home and abroad with developments affecting operations and perso ...
'', a monthly magazine published by the U.S. Department of State * ''The State'' (newspaper), a daily newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, United States * ''
Our State ''Our State'' (full title: ''Our State: Down Home in North Carolina'') is a monthly magazine A magazine is a periodical publication Periodical literature (also called a periodical publication or simply a periodical) is a category of serial ...
'', a monthly magazine published in North Carolina and formerly called ''The State'' *
The State (Larry Niven) "The State" is a fictional totalitarian Totalitarianism is a form of government A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state State may refer to: Arts, entertainment, and media ...
, a fictional future government in three novels by Larry Niven


Groups and labels

States Records States Record Company was a Chicago-based record label. A subsidiary of United Recording Corporation, United Recording, it was in business from May 1952 to December 1957. States focused on rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel music, gospel. Sta ...
, an American record label *
The State (band) The State were an Australian band, which formed as The Cutters. Their second single, "Real Love" (October 1988), was nominated for the 1989 ARIA Awards, ARIA Award for ARIA Award for Best New Talent, Best New Talent. They released their debut a ...
, Australian band previously known as the Cutters


* ''State'' (Todd Rundgren album), album by American rock musician Todd Rundgren * ''States'' (album), 2013 album by the indie folk band The Paper Kites * ''States'', an album by
Klinik Klinik, (sometimes called The Klinik), is an industrial music Industrial music is a genre of music that draws on harsh, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes. AllMusic AllMusic (previously known as All Music Guide and AMG) is ...
* ''The State'' (album), a 1999 music album by Nickelback


* ''The State'' (1993 TV series), an American sketch-comedy series * ''The State'' (2017 TV series), a four-part drama about British Muslims joining Islamic State in Syria


The State (comedy troupe) The State is an American comedy troupe. The troupe was founded by a group of New York University New York University (NYU) is a private Private or privates may refer to: Music * "In Private "In Private" was the third single in a row to b ...
, an American comedy troupe

Law and politics

State (polity) A state is a polity under a system of Government, governance with a monopoly on force. There is no undisputed definition of a state. A widely used definition from the Germans, German sociologist Max Weber is that a "state" is a polity that main ...
, an organized community living under a single political structure and government, sovereign or constituent *
Sovereign state A sovereign state is a political entity A polity is an identifiable political entity—any group of people who have a collective identity, who are organized by some form of Institutionalisation, institutionalized social relation, social relatio ...
, a sovereign political entity in international law, commonly referred to as a "country" **
List of sovereign states The following is a list providing an overview of sovereign state A sovereign state is a polity, political entity represented by one centralized government that has sovereignty over a geographic area. International law defines sovereign s ...
Nation state A nation state is a political unit where the state State may refer to: Arts, entertainment, and media Literature * ''State Magazine'', a monthly magazine published by the U.S. Department of State * The State (newspaper), ''The State'' (news ...
, a state (usually sovereign) in which the great majority identify as a single culture (often defined as an ethnic group) *
Constituent state A constituent state is a state entity that constitutes a part Part, parts or PART may refer to: People *Armi Pärt Armi Pärt (born 18 June 1991) is an Estonian handballer, playing in French D2 for Massy Essonne Handball. He is also a m ...
, a type of political subdivision of a nation ** Federated state, a constituent state that is part of a federal model and shares sovereignty with the federal government *** States and union territories of India, constituent states of the Republic of India *** States and territories of Australia, constituent states of Australia *** States of Brazil, constituent states of Brazil *** States of Germany, constituent states of Germany *** States of Mexico, constituent states of Mexico *** States of Nigeria, constituent states of Nigeria *** State of South Sudan, States of South Sudan, constituent states of South Sudan *** States of Sudan, constituent states of Sudan *** States of Austria, constituent states of Austria *** States and federal territories of Malaysia, constituent monarchies and territories of Malaysia *** States of Micronesia, constituent states of Micronesia *** States and regions of Somalia, constituent states of Somalia *** States of Venezuela, constituent states of Venezuela *** U.S. state, any constituent state of the United States * ''Rechtsstaat'', the legal state (constitutional state, state subordinated to law) in the philosophy of law and as a principle of many national constitutions * The Estates or the States, a national assembly of the estates of the realm, an early form of legislature that was common throughout feudal Europe * United States Department of State, a division of the executive branch of the United States federal government, dealing with foreign affairs; sometimes referred to as "State", for short, in American political jargon.


* State College, Pennsylvania, a city in the United States, often referred to informally as "State" ** State College Area High School, or "State High"


* State (controls), a term related to control theory * State (functional analysis), a positive linear functional on an operator algebra * State, in dynamical systems, is a fixed rule describing the time dependence of a point in a geometrical space

Science and technology


* State (computer science), a unique configuration of information in a program or machine ** Program state, in computer science, a snapshot of the measure of various conditions in the system * State (website), semantic web platform created by London, UK-based Equal Media Ltd * State pattern, in computer science, a behavioral design pattern


* Medical state, one's current state of health, usually within a hospital * Mental state

Physics and chemistry

* State, a complete description of a system in classical mechanics * Chemical state, the electronic, chemical and physical nature of an element * Quantum state, the state of a quantum mechanical system given by a vector in the underlying Hilbert space * Stationary state, an eigenvector of a Hamiltonian * State of matter, solid, liquid or gaseous phases of matter; describing the organization of matter in a phase * Thermodynamic state, a set of physical quantities describing variable properties of a given thermodynamic system


* State (printmaking), distinct revisions of a work by a deliberate change to the print master


* Michigan State University, in East Lansing, United States ** Michigan State Spartans, the athletic teams, commonly referred to as "State"

Other uses

* State (theology), a degree or stage of perfection in the Christian religion * State Theatre (disambiguation), several theatres * States (automobile), cyclecar manufactured by the States Cyclecar Co of Detroit, Michigan in 1915

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