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STATE may refer to:


* 1 Law and politics

* 2 Science and technology

* 2.1 Medicine * 2.2 Physics and chemistry * 2.3 Computing * 2.4 Mathematics

* 3 Arts and entertainment

* 3.1 Media * 3.2 Magazines

* 4 Other uses * 5 See also


* State (polity)
State (polity)
, an organized community living under a single political structure and government, sovereign or constituent * Sovereign state , a sovereign political entity in international law, commonly referred to as a "country" * The Estates or the States, a national assembly of the estates, a legislature * Rechtsstaat
, the legal state (constitutional state, state subordinated to law) in philosophy of law and as principle of many national constitutions

* Constituent state , a type of political subdivision of a nation

* Federated state , a constituent state that is part of a federal model and shares sovereignty with the federal government

* Indian state , a constituent state of the Republic of India * U.S. state , a constituent state of the United States * States of Germany , a constituent state of Germany * States of Brazil , a constituent state of Brazil * States of Nigeria
States of Nigeria
, a constituent state of Nigeria

* United States Department of State , a department in the Executive Branch of the United States federal government dealing with foreign affairs * The State (book) by Franz Oppenheimer, outlining the origin and structure of sovereign states and government



* Medical state , one's current state of health, usually within a hospital * Mental state (other)


* State, a complete description of a system in classical mechanics * Quantum state , the state of a quantum mechanical system given by a vector in the underlying Hilbert space * Stationary state , an eigenvector of a Hamiltonian * Thermodynamic state , a set of physical quantities describing variable properties of a given thermodynamic system * State of matter , solid, liquid or vapour phases of matter; describing the organization of matter in a phase * Chemical state , the electronic, chemical and physical nature of an element


* State (computer science) , a unique configuration of information in a program or machine

* Program state , in computer science, a snapshot of the measure of various conditions in the system

* State pattern , in computer science, a behavioral design pattern * State (printmaking) , a unique form of a print, caused by a deliberate change to a matrix * State (software) , animation software for YouTube and social media sites


* State (controls) , a term related to control theory * State (functional analysis) , a positive linear functional on an operator algebra * In Dynamical systems , a state is a fixed rule describing the time dependence of a point in a geometrical space



* The State (album) , a music album by Nickelback * The States (TV series) , a documentary series on the United States * The State (1993 TV series) , an American sketch-comedy series * The State (2017 TV series) , a four-part drama about British Muslims joining Islamic State
in Syria * States Records
States Records
, an American record label * The State (newspaper)
The State (newspaper)
, a daily newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, United States


* State (magazine) , an Irish monthly music magazine * State Magazine , a monthly magazine published by the U.S. Department of State


* State (theology) , a degree or stage of perfection in the Christian religion * Status constructus , a noun form occurring in Semitic languages * State Theatre (other) , several theatres


* Government
, the system by which a state or community is controlled * Condition (other) * Constituent state , a territorial and constitutional entity forming part of a sovereign state * Excited state , an elevation in energy level above an arbitrary baseline energy state * Stative verb , in linguistics * All pages beginning with "State" * All pages with a title containing State
* Status (other) * The States (other)

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