The Standing Committee on Labour and Social Affairs (Norwegian: Arbeids- og sosialkomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for areas related to the labour market, the working environment, benefits, pensions and disability policy. It corresponds to the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion.[1] The committee has 13 members and is chaired by Arve Kambe of the Conservative Party.[2]

Members 2013–17

The committee is chaired by Arve Kambe
Representative Party Position
Kambe, ArveArve Kambe Conservative Chair
Wiborg, ErlendErlend Wiborg Progress First deputy chair
Andersen, Dag TerjeDag Terje Andersen Labour Second deputy chair
Bergstø, KirstiKirsti Bergstø Socialist Left
Bjørdal, Fredric HolenFredric Holen Bjørdal Labour
Christoffersen, LiseLise Christoffersen Labour
Heggelund, StefanStefan Heggelund Conservative
Johnsen, Tor AndréTor André Johnsen Progress
Lundteigen, Per OlafPer Olaf Lundteigen Centre
Mathisen, Bente SteinBente Stein Mathisen Conservative
Rotevatn, SveinungSveinung Rotevatn Liberal
Trettebergstuen, AnetteAnette Trettebergstuen Labour
Wenstøb, Bengt MortenBengt Morten Wenstøb Conservative


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