The Standing Committee on Justice (Norwegian: Justiskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to judicial system, the probation service, the police, persons performing civilian national service, other judicial issues, ex gratia payments, general legislation relating to public administration, the penal code, civil and criminal procedural legislation and general civil legislation.. It corresponds to the Ministry of Justice. The committee has 12 members and is chaired by Hadia Tajik of the Labour Party.[1]

Members 2013–17

The committee is chaired by Hadia Tajik
Representative Party Position
Tajik, HadiaHadia Tajik Labour Chair
Werp, Anders B.Anders B. Werp Conservative First deputy chair
Ropstad, Kjell IngolfKjell Ingolf Ropstad Christian Democrats Second deputy chair
Asphjell, JoroddJorodd Asphjell Labour
Ebbesen, MargunnMargunn Ebbesen Conservative
Ellingsen, Jan ArildJan Arild Ellingsen Progress
Elvenes, HårekHårek Elvenes Conservative
Frølich, Peter ChristianPeter Christian Frølich Conservative
Henriksen, KariKari Henriksen Labour
Klinge, JennyJenny Klinge Centre
Vågslid, LeneLene Vågslid Labour
Leirstein, UlfUlf Leirstein Progress


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