The Standing Committee on Health and Care Services (Norwegian: Helse- og omsorgskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to health services, care and attendance services, public health, drug and alcohol policy, and pharmaceuticals. It corresponds to the Ministry of Health and Care Services.[1] The committee has 15 members and is chaired by Kari Kjønaas Kjos of the Progress Party.[2]

Members 2013–17

The committee is chaired by Kari Kjønaas Kjos
Representative Party Position
Kjos, Kari KjønaasKari Kjønaas Kjos Progress Chair
Toppe, KjerstiKjersti Toppe Centre First deputy chair
Micaelsen, TorgeirTorgeir Micaelsen Labour Second deputy chair
Bollestad, OlaugOlaug Bollestad Christian Democratic
Grung, RuthRuth Grung Labour
Johnsen, Kristin ØrmenKristin Ørmen Johnsen Conservative
Kjenseth, KetilKetil Kjenseth Liberal
Knutsen, Tove KarolineTove Karoline Knutsen Labour
Lysbakken, AudunAudun Lysbakken Socialist Left
Nesvik, Harald TomHarald Tom Nesvik Progress
Nørve, Elisabeth RøbekkElisabeth Røbekk Nørve Conservative
de Ruiter, FreddyFreddy de Ruiter Labour
Stensland, SveinungSveinung Stensland Conservative
Trøen, Tone WilhelmsenTone Wilhelmsen Trøen Conservative
Tung, KarianneKarianne Tung Labour
Wold, MortenMorten Wold Progress