The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence (Norwegian: Utenriks- og forsvarskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating foreign affairs, military, development cooperation, Svalbard or in other polar regions and matters in general relating to agreements between Norway and other states or organizations. It corresponds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.[1] The committee has 17 members and is chaired by Anniken Huitfeldt of the Labour Party.[2] The members also sit on the Enlarged Committee on Foreign Affairs and the European Committee.

Members 2013–17

The committee is chaired by Anniken Huitfeldt
Representative Party Position
Huitfeldt, AnnikenAnniken Huitfeldt Labour Chair
Halleraker, ØyvindØyvind Halleraker Conservative First deputy chair
Norheim, KristianKristian Norheim Progress Second deputy chair
Agdestein, Elin RodumElin Rodum Agdestein Conservative
Alexandrova, ReginaRegina Alexandrova Conservative
Graham, SylviSylvi Graham Conservative
Grande, Trine SkeiTrine Skei Grande Liberal
Hansen, Svein RoaldSvein Roald Hansen Labour
Hareide, Knut ArildKnut Arild Hareide Christian Democratic
Navarsete, Liv SigneLiv Signe Navarsete Center
Helleland, TrondTrond Helleland Conservative
Nybakk, MaritMarit Nybakk Labour
Sandberg, PerPer Sandberg Progress
Simensen, KåreKåre Simensen Labour
Solhjell, Bård VegarBård Vegar Solhjell Socialist Left
Stoltenberg, JensJens Stoltenberg Labour
Tybring-Gjedde, ChristianChristian Tybring-Gjedde Progress