The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs (Norwegian: Finanskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to economic policy, monetary and credit policy, the financial and credit system, financial administration, block grants to municipalities and counties, taxes and duties to the State Treasury, state guarantees for exports, National Insurance revenues, incomes policy (except for the Agricultural Agreement) and legislation relating to accounting and auditing. It corresponds to the Ministry of Finance.[1] The committee has 18 members and is chaired by Hans Olav Syversen of the Christian Democratic Party.[2]

Since the economic policy affects the resources available in all other policy areas, the Finance Committee is considered to be a powerful one, and in most cases, all parliamentary parties have at least one member on it. An exception was made in the 2013-2017 Parliament when Rasmus Hansson, the sole representative of the Green Party, asked to be seated on the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment instead.[3]

Members 2013–2017

The committee is chaired by Hans Olav Syversen
Representative Party Position
Syversen, Hans OlavHans Olav Syversen Christian Democrats Chair
Støre, Jonas GahrJonas Gahr Støre Labour First deputy chair
Flåtten, SveinSvein Flåtten Conservative Second deputy chair
Abrahamsen, Solveig SundbøSolveig Sundbø Abrahamsen Conservative
Berg-Hansen, LisbethLisbeth Berg-Hansen Labour
Breivik, TerjeTerje Breivik Liberal
Hagebakken, ToreTore Hagebakken Labour
Hagesæter, GjermundGjermund Hagesæter Progress
Hille, SigurdSigurd Hille Conservative
Holthe, TomTom Holthe Progress
Johansen, IreneIrene Johansen Labour
Limi, Hans AndreasHans Andreas Limi Progress
Lunde, Heidi NordbyHeidi Nordby Lunde Conservative
Marthinsen, MarianneMarianne Marthinsen Labour
Meling, Siri A.Siri A. Meling Conservative
Solberg, Torstein TvedtTorstein Tvedt Solberg Labour
Valen, Snorre SerigstadSnorre Serigstad Valen Socialist Left
Vedum, Trygve SlagsvoldTrygve Slagsvold Vedum Centre


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