The Standing Committee on Family and Cultural Affairs (Norwegian: Familie- og kulturkomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to families, children and youth, gender equality, consumer affairs and cultural affairs. It corresponds to the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Children and Equality.[1] The committee has 10 members and is chaired by Svein Harberg of the Conservative Party.[2]

Members 2009–13

Representative Party Position
Harberg, SveinSvein Harberg Conservative Chair
Bekkevold, GeirGeir Bekkevold Christian Democratic First deputy chair
Aasrud, RigmorRigmor Aasrud Labour Second deputy chair
Liadal, Hege HaukelandHege Haukeland Liadal Labour
Løvaas, Kårstein EidemKårstein Eidem Løvaas Conservative
Mandt, SonjaSonja Mandt Labour
Stokkan-Grande, ArildArild Stokkan-Grande Labour
Stordalen, MortenMorten Stordalen Progress
Thomsen, IbIb Thomsen Progress
Tønder, MetteMette Tønder Conservative


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