The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment (Norwegian: Energi- og miljøkomiten) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to petroleum, energy, hydroelectricity, environmental protection and regional planning. It corresponds to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Ministry of the Environment. The committee has 16 members and is chaired by Ola Elvestuen of the Liberal Party.[1]

Members 2013–17

The committee is chaired by Ola Elvestuen
Representative Party Position
Elvestuen, OlaOla Elvestuen Liberal Chair
Aasland, TerjeTerje Aasland Labour First deputy chair
Astrup, NikolaiNikolai Astrup Conservative Second deputy chair
Aukrust, ÅsmundÅsmund Aukrust Labour
Bru, TinaTina Bru Conservative
Eide, Rigmor AndersenRigmor Andersen Eide Christian Democratic
Fredriksen, Jan HenrikJan Henrik Fredriksen Progress
Grimstad, Oskar J.Oskar J. Grimstad Progress
Hansen, Eva KristinEva Kristin Hansen Labour
Hansson, RasmusRasmus Hansson Green
Henriksen, OddOdd Henriksen Conservative
Henriksen, Per RunePer Rune Henriksen Labour
Holmås, HeikkiHeikki Holmås Socialist Left
Ljunggren, AnnaAnna Ljunggren Labour
Milde, EirikEirik Milde Conservative
Pollestad, GeirGeir Pollestad Centre


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