The Standing Committee on Education and Church Affairs (Norwegian: Kirke, utdannings- og forskningskomiteen) is a standing committee of the Parliament of Norway. It is responsible for policies relating to education, research and church affairs. It corresponds to the Ministry of Education and Research and the church affairs section of the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.[1] The committee has 15 members and is chaired by Trond Giske of the Labour Party.[2]

Members 2013–2017

The committee is chaired by Trond Giske
Representative Party Position
Giske, TrondTrond Giske Labour Chair
Nybø, IselinIselin Nybø Liberal First deputy chair
Wøien, Anne TingelstadAnne Tingelstad Wøien Centre Second deputy chair
Asheim, HenrikHenrik Asheim Conservative
Benestad, Norunn TveitenNorunn Tveiten Benestad Conservative
Bjørnstad, Sivert HaugenSivert Haugen Bjørnstad Progress
Bjørnø, Christian TynningChristian Tynning Bjørnø Labour
Fylkesnes, Torgeir KnagTorgeir Knag Fylkesnes Socialist Left
Gudmundsen, KentKent Gudmundsen Conservative
Henriksen, MartinMartin Henriksen Labour
Sønsterud, Tone MereteTone Merete Sønsterud Labour
Thorsen, BenteBente Thorsen Progress
Tyvand, AndersAnders Tyvand Christian Democratic
Vinje, KristinKristin Vinje Conservative
Aasen, MarianneMarianne Aasen Labour