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1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km2 (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) and river estuaries. 2 Population without double counting: residents of multiple communes (e.g., students and military personnel) only counted once.

(French pronunciation: ​[sɛ̃.ma.lo]; Gallo : Saent-Malô; Breton: Sant-Maloù) is a historic walled port city and commune (with the commune expanded beyond the walls in 1968), in Brittany
on the English Channel
English Channel
coastline of northwestern France. It is a subprefecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine. Traditionally known for its independent streak, Saint-Malo
was in the past notorious for privateering (the "cité corsaire"). Today the city is a major tourist destination, with many ancient structures.


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Population[edit] The population, in 2012, was 44,620 – though this can increase to up to 200,000 in the summer tourist season. With the suburbs included, the metropolitan area's population is approximately 153,000 (2011). The population of the commune more than doubled in 1968 with the merging of three communes: Saint-Malo, Saint-Servan
(population 14,963 in 1962) and Paramé
(population 8,811 in 1962). Inhabitants of Saint-Malo
are called Malouins in French. From this came the Spanish name for the Islas Malvinas, the archipelago known in English as the Falkland Islands. Islas Malvinas derives from the 1764 name Îles Malouines, given to the islands by French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.[1] Bougainville, who founded the archipelago's first settlement, named the islands after the inhabitants of Saint-Malo, the point of departure for his ships and colonists.[1] History[edit]

Old map of Saint-Malo

Founded by Gauls in the 1st century B.C. The ancient town on the site of Saint-Malo
was known as the Roman Reginca or Aletum. By the late 4th century AD the Saint-Servan
district was the site of a major Saxon Shore promontory fort that protected the Rance river estuary from seaborne raiders from beyond the frontiers. According to the Notitia Dignitatum the fort was garrisoned by the militum Martensium under a dux (commander) of the Tractus Armoricanus and Nervicanus section of the litus Saxonicum. During the decline of the Western Roman Empire Armorica (modern day Brittany) rebelled from Roman rule under the Bagaudae and in the 5th and 6th centuries received many Celtic Britons fleeing instability across the Channel. The modern Saint-Malo
traces its origins to a monastic settlement founded by Saint Aaron
Saint Aaron
and Saint Brendan early in the sixth century. Its name is derived from a man said to have been a follower of Brendan the Navigator, Saint Malo or Maclou, an immigrant from what is now Wales. Saint-Malo
is the setting of Marie de France's poem "Laustic," an 11th-century love story. The city had a tradition of asserting its autonomy in dealings with the French authorities and even with the local Breton authorities. From 1590 to 1593, Saint-Malo
declared itself to be an independent republic, taking the motto "not French, not Breton, but Malouin."[2] Saint-Malo
became notorious as the home of the corsairs, French privateers and sometimes pirates. In the 19th century, this "piratical" notoriety was portrayed in Jean Richepin's play Le flibustier and in César Cui's eponymous opera. The corsairs of Saint-Malo
not only forced English ships passing up the Channel to pay tribute, but also brought wealth from further afield. Jacques Cartier, who sailed the Saint Lawrence River
Saint Lawrence River
and visited the sites of Quebec City and Montreal, and is thus credited as the discoverer of Canada, lived in and sailed from Saint-Malo, as did the first colonists to settle the Falkland Islands, hence the Islands' French name "Îles Malouines," which eventually gave rise to the Spanish name "Islas Malvinas." In 1758, the Raid on St Malo
Raid on St Malo
saw a British expedition land intending to capture the town. However, the British made no attempt on Saint-Malo, and instead occupied the nearby town of Saint-Servan, where they destroyed 30 privateers before departing. In World War II, during fighting in late August and early September 1944, the historic walled city of Saint-Malo
was almost totally destroyed by American shelling and bombing as well as British naval gunfire.[3][4] The Allies believed that the Axis powers
Axis powers
had thousands of troops and major armaments built up within the city walls – though there proved to be fewer than 100 troops manning just two anti-aircraft installations, with the much larger and heavily armed Axis presence in strongpoints outside the city walls.[5] The Americans used napalm for the first time.[6] Saint-Malo
was rebuilt over a 12-year period from 1948–60. The commune of Saint-Servan
was merged, together with Paramé, and became the commune of Saint-Malo
in 1967. Saint-Malo
was the site of an Anglo-French summit in 1998 that led to a significant agreement regarding European defence policy. Climate[edit]

Climate data for Dinard

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year

Record high °C (°F) 16.4 (61.5) 18.7 (65.7) 23.2 (73.8) 26.9 (80.4) 29.2 (84.6) 33.1 (91.6) 35.4 (95.7) 39.4 (102.9) 33.1 (91.6) 28.9 (84) 19.3 (66.7) 17.6 (63.7) 39.4 (102.9)

Average high °C (°F) 8.8 (47.8) 9.3 (48.7) 11.9 (53.4) 13.7 (56.7) 17.0 (62.6) 19.8 (67.6) 21.9 (71.4) 22.0 (71.6) 20.0 (68) 16.3 (61.3) 12.0 (53.6) 9.2 (48.6) 15.2 (59.4)

Average low °C (°F) 3.4 (38.1) 3.1 (37.6) 4.8 (40.6) 5.9 (42.6) 9.0 (48.2) 11.5 (52.7) 13.5 (56.3) 13.6 (56.5) 11.7 (53.1) 9.4 (48.9) 6.1 (43) 3.7 (38.7) 8.0 (46.4)

Record low °C (°F) −13.7 (7.3) −11.7 (10.9) −6.2 (20.8) −2.8 (27) −0.2 (31.6) 3.6 (38.5) 6.7 (44.1) 5.0 (41) 2.3 (36.1) −4.2 (24.4) −5.9 (21.4) −9.6 (14.7) −13.7 (7.3)

Average precipitation mm (inches) 67.0 (2.638) 57.6 (2.268) 53.5 (2.106) 53.0 (2.087) 63.6 (2.504) 49.1 (1.933) 49.7 (1.957) 49.4 (1.945) 62.2 (2.449) 86.8 (3.417) 86.8 (3.417) 80.0 (3.15) 758.7 (29.87)

Average precipitation days 12.6 10.8 11.1 10.7 10.3 7.8 7.6 8.0 9.7 13.6 13.8 13.4 129.5

Average snowy days 1.7 2.5 1.4 0.6 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.3 1.4 7.9

Average relative humidity (%) 84 81 79 79 79 81 81 81 82 85 84 85 81.8

Mean monthly sunshine hours 69.5 84.3 127.5 164.1 188.4 206.4 206.4 198.6 167.1 112.6 77.8 64.0 1,666.6

Source #1: Meteo France
(1981-2010, sunshine 1991-2010) [7][8]

Source #2: Infoclimat.fr (humidity, snowy days 1961–1990)[9]

Education[edit] Schools[edit] Schools include:

13 public preschools (écoles maternelles)[10] 11 public elementary schools[11] 8 private preschools and elementary schools[12] 4 public junior high schools: Chateaubriand, Duguay-Trouin, Robert Surcouf, and Charcot[13] 3 private junior high schools: Choisy Jeanne d’Arc, Moka, and Sacré-Cœur[14] 3 public senior high schools: Lycee Maupertuis, Lycee Jacques Cartier, Professional Maritime Lycee Les Rimains[15] 2 private senior high schools: Lycee Institution Saint Malo-La Providence and Les Rimains[16]

Higher education[edit] Institute of Technology of Saint-Malo, A nurse school, A maritime school Transport[edit] Saint-Malo
has a terminal for ferry services with daily departures to Portsmouth
operated by Brittany
Ferries[17] and services on most days Poole
and Weymouth in England via the Channel Islands
Channel Islands
operated by Condor Ferries.[18] It also has a railway station, Gare de Saint-Malo, offering direct TGV
service to Rennes, Paris and several regional destinations. There is a bus service provided by Keolis. The town is served by the Dinard–Pleurtuit–Saint-Malo Airport
Dinard–Pleurtuit–Saint-Malo Airport
around 5 kilometres (3 miles) to the south. Sites of interest[edit]

Beach at low tide in Saint-Malo


Now inseparably attached to the mainland, Saint-Malo
is the most visited place in Brittany. Sites of interest include:

The walled city (La Ville Intra-Muros) The château of Saint-Malo, part of which is now the town museum. The Solidor Tower
Solidor Tower
in Saint-Servan
is a 14th-century building that holds a collection tracing the history of voyages around Cape Horn. Many scale models, nautical instruments and objects made by the sailors during their crossing or brought back from foreign ports invoke thoughts of travel aboard extraordinary tall ships at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The tomb of the writer Chateaubriand on the Ile du Grand Bé The Petit Bé The Cathedral
of St. Vincent ( Saint-Malo
Cathedral) The Privateer's House ("La Demeure de Corsaire"), a ship-owner's town house built in 1725, shows objects from the history of privateering, weaponry and ship models. The Great Aquarium Saint-Malo, one of the major aquaria in France. The labyrinthe du Corsaire, (an attraction park in Saint Malo) The Pointe de la Varde, Natural Park. The City of Alet, in front of Saint Malo Intra Muros. Fort National Fort de la Conchée

Panoramic view from the tidal island Grand Bé
Grand Bé
during low tide

View of the walled city from the south-west


François-René de Chateaubriand's grave, on Rocher du Grand Bé

was the birthplace of:

Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier
(1491–1557), explorer of Canada Philippe Cattiau (1892–1962), Olympic medalist in fencing Jacques Gouin de Beauchene (1652–1730), explorer of the Falkland Islands René Duguay-Trouin
René Duguay-Trouin
(1673–1736) French corsair and Admiral who captured the city of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
in 1711 Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis
Pierre Louis Moreau de Maupertuis
(1698–1759), mathematician and astronomer Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais
Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais
(1699–1753), sailor and administrator Joseph Quesnel
Joseph Quesnel
(1746-1809), Canadian poet, composer and playwright François-René de Chateaubriand
François-René de Chateaubriand
(1768–1848), writer and diplomat Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne
Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne
(1724–1772), explorer Julien Offray de La Mettrie
Julien Offray de La Mettrie
(1709–1751), physician and philosopher Robert Surcouf
Robert Surcouf
(1773–1827), sailor, trader, ship-owner and corsair Hughes Felicité Robert de Lamennais
Hughes Felicité Robert de Lamennais
(1782–1854), priest, philosophical and political writer Louis Duchesne
Louis Duchesne
(1843–1922), historian, French academician Alfred Blunt (1879-1957), Anglican Bishop of Bradford, England, was born at St Malo of British expatriate parents and brought up there until the family returned to England in 1887. Colin Clive
Colin Clive
(1900–1937), actor Jean Lebrun
Jean Lebrun
(born 1950), journalist and radio producer Louis de Grandpré
Louis de Grandpré
(1761-1846) French Navy officer and slave trader[19]

Twin towns – sister cities[edit] See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France Saint-Malo
is twinned with:

Port-Louis, Mauritius
(1999) Gaspé, Quebec, Canada
(2009) Saint-Malo, Quebec, Canada St. Malo, Manitoba, Canada Cowes, Isle of Wight, Great Britain Gniezno, Poland[20]


Street view of classic road in Saint-Malo

From the fort of Saint-Malo

The "Fort National" visible from Saint-Malo

View up a typical city street towards the cathedral


The city wall of St Malo.

Commemoration of the Cartier expedition in the floor of the cathedral.

In popular culture[edit] Much of the action in Anthony Doerr's 2014 award-winning novel, All the Light We Cannot See, occurs in Saint-Malo. See also[edit]


Battle for Brest Mont Saint-Michel Robert Surcouf Rothéneuf Jean-Marie Valentin


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INSEE Mayors of Ille-et-Vilaine
Association (in French)

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