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Spinefarm Records is a Finnish record label focusing mainly on heavy metal artists. In 1999, a sub-label titled Spikefarm Records was started by Sami Tenetz from Thy Serpent. Since 2002, Spinefarm has been part of Universal Music Group, but operates as an independent business unit. [1] In Autumn 2007, Spinefarm launched in the UK, starting with re-issuing deluxe versions of the first five Nightwish
albums, including the Over The Hills And Far Away EP. In December 2016, Spinefarm Records welcomed Orange County, CA band Dayseeker to its worldwide roster.[2]


1 Bands

1.1 Spinefarm 1.2 Spikefarm 1.3 Ranka Recordings 1.4 Ranch

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Bands[edit] Spinefarm Records consists of five sub-labels: Spinefarm (mainstream heavy metal and hard rock), Spikefarm (extreme metal, industrial metal and folk metal), Ranka (Finnish music), Ranch (rock) and Odor (anything aside from rock and metal). Spinefarm[edit]

36 Crazyfists Agonizer Airbourne[3] Amaranthe Amberian Dawn Amorphis Anti-Flag Atreyu Babylon Whores Beherit Barathrum Beto Vázquez Infinity The Black League Bob Malmström Brother Firetribe The Browning Bullet for My Valentine[4] Celesty Charon Children of Bodom ChthoniC Crow Mother (band) D'espairsRay
(UK Only) Dark Tranquillity

Darkwoods My Betrothed Dayseeker[5] Dayshell Dead by April Diablo Swing Orchestra[6] DragonForce Dragonlord Dreamtale Eilera Electric Wizard Emigrate End of You Entheos Eternal Tears of Sorrow Finntroll Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch
(US Only) For My Pain Godsmack He is Legend Hevein Helloween
(UK Only) In Mourning Jettblack Kalmah Killing Joke

Kiuas Kobra and the Lotus The Kovenant Lullacry Machinae Supremacy Metsatöll[7] Mucc
(UK Only) MyGRAIN My Passion My Ticket Home Nightwish Nonpoint Norther One Morning Left Pain Confessor Rammstein Reckless Love Rotten Sound Santa Cruz Satyricon Seether

Sentenced Sethian Shining (Nor)[8] Shining (Swe) Sinergy Slaves to Gravity Soen Sonata Arctica Swallow the Sun Tarja Turunen Tarot Throne of Chaos Thy Serpent To/Die/For Toothgrinder The Treatment Turbowolf Twilightning Von Hertzen Brothers Voodoo Six Warmen We Came as Romans
We Came as Romans
(Europe only) Wolfheart (Finnish band) Wolfheart[9]


Ajattara Amoral Beherit Code Demigod Entwine

Finntroll Kalmah Moonsorrow Noumena Ram-Zet Rapture

Reverend Bizarre ShamRain Shape of Despair Silentium Vantana Row To Separate the Flesh from the Bones

Ranka Recordings[edit]

Aavikko Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus Turmion Kätilöt Viikate


The Black League The Flaming Sideburns Peer Günt Blake

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