Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (Traditional Chinese: 驚心動魄太空山) is a seasonal Halloween overlay of Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland. It first premiered at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2007, and premiered at Disneyland on September 25, 2009, as part of the Halloween season at the parks. The latter makes use of effects previously used for the Rockin' Space Mountain overlay in 2007.

Inside the Space Port, the planet screen at the front of the station has been changed to reflect the overlay, as well. While viewing the planet, a green "storm" appears over the planet, causing interruptions to the video feed. Static appears, then a blue screen, reminiscent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death, saying "LOSS OF SIGNAL...," "SEARCHING..." and "SIGNAL ESTABLISHED". Outside on the dome, five projections play, with several Halloween-themed color schemes appearing between these projection shows:

  • The first projection shows the dome becoming a dull grey, with cracks and breaks forming on the dome. Suddenly, the dome seems to crumble and fall into nothingness. Then, a green grid appears at the top section of the dome, accompanied with a loud humming sound.
  • The second projection shows an alien arm resembling that of the nebula ghost running, pushing against the dome from the inside.
  • The third projection shows yellow scratch marks appearing on the dome.
  • The fourth projection shows lightning bolts shooting up the left side of the dome, then the right, the middle, and finally the entire dome itself.
  • The last projection shows the dome being turned into a bluish purple radar, with explosions that appear on the dome, resembling activity of the nebula ghosts.

Ride changes

With the refurbishments to Space Mountain, Ghost Galaxy has some significant changes.

  • The soundtrack echoes the attraction
  • The red lights at the top of the first lift hill are now an eerie green.
  • The flashing blue light tunnel between the first and second lift hills is now pitch black.
  • Instead of the spinning galaxy beyond the second lift, a giant ghost nebula electrifies the lift.
  • Projections of otherworldly wisps can be seen before the final lift, along with the ghostly nebula.
  • The ghosts pop up unexpectedly. Two places that are notorious for this are when the roller coaster drops suddenly to avoid being "clawed" by an unseen arm. The other spot is a ghostly head that pops out of the wall after the onride picture is taken when the train makes the final right turn to reenter the station.