The South Dakota House of Representatives is the lower house of the South Dakota State Legislature. It is made up of 70 members, two from each legislative district. Two of the state's 35 legislative districts, Districts 26 and 28, are each subdivided into two single-member districts (26A/26B and 28A/28B).


South Dakota House Districts. House district boundaries are identical to the South Dakota Senate's districts, with two representatives elected from each district.
91st Legislature (2017)
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
90th Legislature 58 12 70 0
91st Legislature 60 10 70 0
June 27, 2017[1] 59 69 1
September 5, 2017[2] 60 70 0
November 23, 2017[3] 59 69 1
Latest voting share 85.5% 14.5%


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson Republican 13
Speaker pro tempore Don Haggar Republican 10
Majority Leader Lee Qualm Republican 21
Assistant Majority Leader Kent Peterson Republican 19
Majority Whips Arch Beal Republican 12
Lynne DiSanto Republican 35
Leslie Heinemann Republican 8
Isaac Latterell Republican 6
Minority Leader Spencer Hawley Democratic 7
Assistant Minority Leader Julie Bartling Democratic 21
Minority Whip Karen Soli Democratic 15

Members of the 91st House

District Representative Party Residence
1 Steve McCleerey Democratic Sisseston
Susan Wismer Democratic Britton
2 Lana Greenfield Republican Doland
Burt Tulson Republican Lake Norden
3 Dan Kaiser Republican Aberdeen
Drew Dennert Republican Aberdeen
4 Jason Kettwig Republican Milbank
John Mills Republican Volga
5 Hugh Bartels Republican Watertown
Nancy York Republican Watertown
6 Herman Otten Republican Tea
Isaac Latterell Republican Tea
7 Spencer Hawley Democratic Brookings
Tim Reed Republican Brookings
8 Marli Wiese Republican Madison
Leslie Heinemann Republican Flandreau
9 Wayne Steinhauer Republican Hartford
Michael Clark Republican Hartford
10 Steve Haugaard Republican Sioux Falls
Don Haggar Republican Sioux Falls
11 Mark Willadsen Republican Sioux Falls
Chris Karr Republican Sioux Falls
12 Arch Beal Republican Sioux Falls
Greg Jamison Republican Sioux Falls
13 Mark Mickelson Republican Sioux Falls
Sue Peterson Republican Sioux Falls
14 Larry Zikmund Republican Sioux Falls
Thomas Holmes Republican Sioux Falls
15 Karen Soli Democratic Sioux Falls
Jamie Smith Democratic Sioux Falls
16 David Anderson Republican Hudson
Kevin Jensen Republican Canton
17 Nancy Rasmussen Republican Hurley
Ray Ring Democratic Vermillion
18 Jean Hunhoff Republican Yankton
Mike Stevens Republican Yankton
19 Kent Peterson Republican Salem
Kyle Schoenfish Republican Scotland
20 Tona Rozum Republican Mitchell
Lance Carson Republican Mitchell
21 Julie Bartling Democratic Burke
Lee Qualm Republican Platte
22 Roger D. Chase Republican Huron
Bob Glanzer Republican Huron
23 Spencer Gosch Republican Glenham
John A. Lake Republican Gettysburg
24 Tim Rounds Republican Pierre
Mary Duvall Republican Pierre
25 Daniel Ahlers Democratic Dell Rapids
Tom Pischke Republican Dell Rapids
26A Shawn Bordeaux Democratic Mission
26B James Schaefer Republican Kennebec
27 Elizabeth May Republican Kyle
Steve Livermont Republican Martin
28A Oren Lesmeister Democratic Parade
28B Sam Marty Republican Prairie City
29 Thomas J. Brunner Republican Nisland
Larry Rhoden Republican Union Center
30 Julie Frye-Mueller Republican Rapid City
Tim Goodwin Republican Rapid City
31 Timothy Johns Republican Lead
Charles Turbiville Republican Deadwood
32 Kristin Conzet Republican Rapid City
Sean McPherson Republican Rapid City
33 Taffy Howard Republican Rapid City
David Johnson Republican Rapid City
34 David Lust Republican Rapid City
35 Lynne DiSanto Republican Rapid City
Blaine "Chip" Campbell Republican Rapid City

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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  1. ^ Don Haggar (R-10) resigned to accept a job offer [1]
  2. ^ Doug Barthel appointed to replace Don Haggar (R-10) [2]
  3. ^ Craig Tieszen (R-34) died [3]