The South-Link Line (Chinese: 南迴線; pinyin: Nánhuí Xiàn) is a line of the Taiwan Railways Administration running along the southern tip of the island of Taiwan, connecting the eastern and western coasts. It is 98.2 km long, of which 81.4 km is single track.[1]


The South-Link Line was completed in 1991, making it the newest standard rail line operated by the TRA, and creating an around-the-island railway network.

In August 2009, sections of the line were badly damaged by floods triggered by Typhoon Morakot.[2] The line was reopened on December 30, 2009.

In September 2010, service was temporarily suspended due to Typhoon Fanapi.[3] The Taimali River (Chinese: 太麻里溪) had risen substantially and washed away 100 m (330 ft) of railway embankment. The line was reopened on September 29, 2010.[3] The Taiwan Railway Administration plans to spend an additional NT$240 million on a double-tracked, 520 m (1,710 ft) bridge over the Taimali River to avoid future problems with flooding.[3]


Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Fangliao 枋寮 Taiwan Railways Administration Pingtung Line Fangliao Fangliao Village Pingtung
Jialu 加祿 Fangshan Jialu Village
Neishi Neishih 內獅
Fangshan 枋山 The southernmost railway station in Taiwan Shizi Neishi Village
Fangye Signal 枋野號誌
Central Signal 中央號誌
Guzhuang Gujhuang 古莊 Dawu Shangwu Village Taitung
Dawu 大武 Dawu Village
Longxi Longsi 瀧溪 Taimali Duoliang Village
Jinlun 金崙 Jinlun Village
Taimali 太麻里 Dawang Village
Zhiben Jhihben 知本 Taitung Zhiben Village
Kangle 康樂 Kangle Village
Taitung 臺東 Taiwan Railways Administration Taitung Line Yanwan Village

Note: Central Signal Station - Guzhuang Station passes through Daren of Taitung County, Original set Pu'an Signal Station, Now Stop working.

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