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Park Soo-ae (born September 16, 1979), known mononymously as Soo Ae, is a South Korean actress. Soo Ae
Soo Ae
began her career on television, but after her breakout role in A Family (2004), she became best known as a leading actress in film, notably in Sunny (2008) and Midnight FM (2010). She also appeared in the popular television melodramas Emperor of the Sea (2004), A Thousand Days' Promise (2011), Queen of Ambition (2013) and Mask (2015). In 2016, she made her romantic-comedy drama comeback in KBS2's Sweet Stranger and Me.


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Career[edit] Pre-debut[edit] Soo Ae
Soo Ae
nearly became a member of a K-pop
idol group. Fresh out of high school, a record agent approached the young stunner on the street in the trendy Apgujeong
area. She spent six months in grueling practice, but in the end had no album to put out. She reminisced in an interview, "I didn't sing well, but the six months I spent with the team was so fun. I was lucky to get into acting."[1] 2002–2008[edit] Soo Ae
Soo Ae
made her small screen debut in 2002 in a one-act drama on MBC, then went on to star in Love Letter, Merry Go Round and April Kiss. She rose to fame after starring in 2004 hit historical drama Emperor of the Sea, which was exported to other Asian countries, South America and the Middle East, introducing Soo Ae
Soo Ae
to a wider international audience.[2][3] With her classical beauty and pure, graceful image, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
gained the moniker "queen of tears" for her well-received takes in melodramas. But she revamped that image in the 2007 romantic comedy Two Outs in the Ninth Inning opposite Lee Jung-jin, playing a 30-year-old foul-mouthed, disheveled and jaded single woman struggling with life and love. Soo Ae
Soo Ae
in reality was known for her a husky, neutral voice, which helped her tomboyish performance feel so natural. But her voice wasn't always a plus. She said, "I've been told many times that my voice would be a detriment to my career. When I first got started, a lot of viewers posted comments online that they changed the channel because of the way I talk. [...] It was odd because I thought of my husky voice as my biggest asset. So I would tell people, "Keep on listening, you'll get to like it."[1][4] After a successful big screen debut in A Family,[5] Soo Ae
Soo Ae
starred opposite Jung Jae-young
Jung Jae-young
in the comedy Wedding Campaign, and Lee Byung-hun in the melodrama Once in a Summer.[6][7] In 2008, she was cast as the titular Sunny in a film about an ordinary housewife who becomes a "consolatory band" singer in order to search for her husband who has been dispatched to fight alongside American troops in the Vietnam War. Director Lee Joon-ik
Lee Joon-ik
sought to tell a war story from a female-centric point of view, saying the film grazes upon a broader sense of love and humanitarian concern as it depicts a long voyage of self-discovery.[8] In a scene where she drinks heavily at a U.S. army base, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
revealed that she drank more than half a bottle of whisky at the director’s criticism that she didn't look convincing enough. As a result of drinking so much alcohol, she became really drunk, adding reality to the scene where she throws up in the toilet and blacks out.[9] Her commitment to the film paid off, and Soo Ae received multiple Best Actress awards for her performance. 2009–2012[edit] Her 2009 film The Sword with No Name
The Sword with No Name
depicted a desperate romance between the last queen of the Joseon Dynasty
Joseon Dynasty
and her bodyguard. Empress Myeongseong, a forward-thinking advocate of modernity, wields her political influence to further her ideals, but is often at odds with her orthodox father-in-law, regent Daewon-gun. The movie is loosely based on history, with clearly fictional elements.[10] Soo Ae said the role "was something I had always wanted to do from the moment I started my acting career. When I got the screenplay, I said yes without a moment's hesitation.[11] [...] Playing Empress Myeongseong was not easy, because in addition to the mother of the nation, I had to show her womanly and human side, the joy and anguish she felt at being in love." Having to wear heavy wigs and layers of Korean traditional costumes in the steamy hot summer made the job even more difficult. The fact that she had to appear in almost every scene was another challenge.[12] Describing herself as "timid" and "too introverted," Soo Ae
Soo Ae
credits her co-star Jo Seung-woo
Jo Seung-woo
for making it easier for her to fully absorb herself in the love aspect of her role, such that it felt "like [they] were actually in a relationship during the shoot."[10][11] Frustrated by usually receiving melodrama scripts and wanting to take on roles in different genres, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
next starred in the 2010 suspense thriller Midnight FM. She said she decided to challenge herself by choosing the role of a strong female character fighting against a villain. She talked about the heightened fear she felt in a confined studio as her radio DJ character receives threatening phone calls from a kidnapper (played by Yoo Ji-tae), as well as the physical difficulty of filming chase and fight scenes in high heels.[13][14] She tied with Yoon Jeong-hee (Poetry) for Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.[15] In her return to television, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
played a cold-blooded double agent in Athena: Goddess of War, undergoing martial arts training to perform her intense action scenes in the spy series.[16] Then in the miniseries A Thousand Days' Promise by famed drama writer Kim Soo-hyun, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
impressed critics and audiences with her unsentimental portrayal of a woman who is slowly losing her memory due to Alzheimer's disease.[17][18] 2013–present[edit] In 2013, she played an amorally ambitious woman who wants to become the First Lady of Korea in Yawang ("Queen of Ambition"), from the same manhwa artist as Daemul.[19] This was followed by disaster outbreak film The Flu, in which she said she played her most flawed character yet, a doctor and single mother who searches for a cure after her daughter is infected. Soo Ae
Soo Ae
said she is attracted to roles with an oeyunaegang quality, which literally translates to "iron fist in a velvet glove," meaning those who appear gentle but are determined and strong.[20][21][22] In September 2013, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
left Star J Entertainment, her agency of 12 years,[23] and joined Management Soop.[24][25] She returned to Star J Entertainment in January 2015. Soo Ae
Soo Ae
next played dual roles in Mask, about a debt-ridden department store clerk who takes on an heiress's identity and marries into a chaebol family.[26] Her performance won her Best Actress at the 28th Grimae Award, an honorable award chosen by directors in every broadcasting station in Korea. She was then cast as a North Korean defector
North Korean defector
who becomes part of the first South Korean women's national ice hockey team in Take Off 2, the sequel to the 2009 hit sports drama.[27] Nine years after her last romantic-comedy drama Two Outs in the Ninth Inning, Soo Ae
Soo Ae
starred in KBS2's romantic-comedy Sweet Stranger and Me in 2016.[28] In 2017, she was cast in the film High Society.[29] Filmography[edit] Film[edit]

Year Title Role

2004 A Family Lee Jeong-eun

2005 Wedding Campaign Kim Lara

2006 Once in a Summer Seo Jung-in

2008 Sunny Soon-yi / Sunny

2009 The Sword with No Name Min Ja-young, later Empress Myeongseong

2010 Midnight FM Ko Sun-young

2013 The Flu Kim In-hae

2016 Take Off 2 Ji-won

2018 High Society

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network

1999 School 2 guest appearance KBS1

2002 MBC Best Theater: One Sided Love


The Maengs' Golden Era Heo Joo-yeon MBC

2003 Love Letter Jo Eun-ha MBC

Merry Go Round Seong Jin-kyo MBC

2004 April Kiss Song Chae-won KBS2

Emperor of the Sea Lady Jung-hwa KBS2

2007 Two Outs in the Ninth Inning Hong Nan-hee MBC

2010 Athena: Goddess of War Yoon Hye-in SBS

2011 A Thousand Days' Promise Lee Seo-yeon SBS

2012 Love For Everyone: The Plan Herself MBC Every 1

2013 Queen of Ambition Joo Da-hae SBS

2015 Mask Byun Ji-sook/Seo Eun-ha SBS

2016 Sweet Stranger and Me Hong Na-ri KBS2

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result

2003 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Love Letter, Merry Go Round Won

2004 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actress A Family Won

3rd Korean Film Awards Best New Actress Won

7th Director's Cut Awards Best New Actress Won

2005 2nd Max Movie Awards Best Actress Won

41st Baeksang Arts Awards.[30] Best New Actress (Film) Won

42nd Grand Bell Awards Best New Actress Nominated

KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Song Il-gook Emperor of the Sea Won

Excellence Award, Actress Won

2007 Korea TV Advertising Festival Best Couple Award with Jang Dong-gun Maxim CF Won

2008 4th Premiere Rising Star Awards[31] Rising Star Award Sunny Won

17th Buil Film Awards[32] Best Actress Won

28th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Best Actress Won

28th Arts Council Korea Best Artist of the Year in Film Won

31st Golden Cinematography Awards[33] Most Popular Actress Won

29th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Nominated

2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (Film) Nominated

46th Grand Bell Awards[34] Best Actress Won

17th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards[35] Best Actress in a Film Won

2010 47th Savings Day Prime Minister's commendation N/A Won

31st Blue Dragon Film Awards[36] Best Actress Midnight FM Won

6th University Film Festival of Korea Best Actress Won

2011 47th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (Film) Nominated

15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival[37] Actor's Award N/A Won

27th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards Best Dressed, Movie actress category N/A Won

SBS Drama Awards Top 10 Stars A Thousand Days' Promise Won

Excellence Award, Actress in a Special
Planning Drama Athena: Goddess of War Nominated

Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Special
Planning Drama A Thousand Days' Promise Won

2012 48th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) Nominated

5th Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Nominated

2013 7th Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20's Drama Star - Female Queen of Ambition Nominated

8th Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Korean Drama Actress Nominated

6th Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress Nominated

2nd APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Nominated

SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special Nominated

2015 4th APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Mask Nominated

28th Grimae Awards[38] Best Actress Won

SBS Drama Awards Netizen Popularity Award Nominated

Best Couple Award with Ju Ji-hoon Nominated

2016 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Sweet Stranger and Me Nominated


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Soo Ae
to receive Excellence in Acting Awards at Grime Awards 2015". Hancinema. Star News. 10 December 2015. 

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