Sony Corporation of America (SONAM), based in New York City, is a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Group Corporation. It serves as the company's US headquarters, and manages the company's US-based businesses. Sony's principal U.S. businesses include Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, and Sony Music Publishing. It was reported in December 2016 by multiple news outlets that Sony was considering restructuring its U.S. operations by merging its television and film business, Sony Pictures Entertainment, with its gaming business, Sony Interactive Entertainment. According to the reports, such a restructuring would have placed Sony Pictures under Sony Interactive's then CEO, Andrew House, though House would not have assumed day-to-day operations of the film studio. According to one report, Sony was set to make a final decision on the possibility of the merger of the television, film and gaming businesses by the end of its fiscal year in March of the following year (2017). As of January 2020, nothing has materialized.


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* Sony Plaza Public Arcade (New York City, New York) * Sony Optical Archive (formerly Optical Archive, San Jose, California) * Sony Biotechnology (formerly iCyt Mission Technology, Champaign, Illinois) * Micronics, Inc. (Redmond, Washington)

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Sony Corporation of America
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