The Somali Region (Somali: Dawladda Deegaanka Soomaalida/Soomaali Galbeed.,[3], Amharic: የሶማሌ ክልል, Arabic: المنطقة الصومالية‎), officially known as the Somali Regional State/Ogaden, is the second largest and easternmost of the ten regions (Kililoj) of Ethiopia. The state borders the Ethiopian states of Afar and Oromia and the chartered city Dire Dawa (Dir Dhaba) to the west, as well as Djibouti to the north; Somalia to the north, northeast and east; and Kenya to the southwest.[4]

Jijiga is the capital of the Somali Regional State. The capital was formerly Gode, until Jijiga became the capital in 1995 on account of political considerations.[5] Other major towns and cities include Dolo Odo Awbare, Degehabur, Kebri Dahar, Barey, Hamero, Fiq, Duhun, Erer, Kelafo, Ferfer, Bokolmayo Shilavo, Kebri Beyah, Werder, Aware, Daroor, Gashamo, Shekosh, Baabili, Raaso, Tuli Guled, Bookh, Gallaaddi, Sasabane, Gunagado, Boodalay, Dig, Filtu Wajaale. ETC

The government of Somali is composed of the executive branch, led by the President; the legislative branch, which comprises the State Council; and the judicial branch, which is led by the state Supreme Court.