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Solna Municipality (Swedish: Solna kommun or Swedish language text" xml:lang="sv">Solna stad, IPA: [²soːlna]) is a municipality in Stockholm County"> Stockholm County in south-east Sweden, located just north of the Stockholm City Centre"> Stockholm City Centre. Its seat is located in the town of Solna, which is a part of the Stockholm urban area"> Stockholm urban area.

The municipality is a part of Metropolitan Stockholm. None of the area is considered rural, which is unusual for Swedish municipalities, which normally are of mixed rural/urban character. Solna is the third smallest municipality in Sweden in terms of area.

Solna borders Stockholm Municipality"> Stockholm Municipality to the south, southeast and northwest; to Sundbyberg Municipality to the west; to Sollentuna Municipality to the north; and finally to Danderyd Municipality to the northeast. The boundary with Danderyd Municipality is delineated by the Stocksundet sea strait.

There are two parishes in Solna Municipality: Råsunda (population 29,677) and Solna (population 28,317).

Solna is divided into eight traditional parts with no administrative functions: Bergshamra, Haga, Hagalund, Huvudsta, Järva, Råsunda, Skytteholm and Ulriksdal. The largest districts are Råsunda, Hagalund and Huvudsta, with the Solna Centrum in between them.

With few exceptions, Solna's built-up areas have a suburban character, but there are also several large parks and Friends Arena, Sweden's new national football stadium adjacent to the Solna station of Stockholm commuter rail"> Stockholm commuter rail.

The final matches of both the 1958 FIFA (men's) World Cup and the 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup were played at Råsunda Stadium"> Råsunda Stadium, the national football stadium from 1937 to 2012 (demolished in 2013).

Solna has very low tax rates and has attracted a wide range of companies and authorities, making it a major place of work in Stockholm. Among the most important employers are the medical university Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute"> Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) are also located in Solna.

Local government

As with all 290 municipalities of Sweden, Solna has a municipal assembly (kommunfullmäktige), holding 61 members elected by proportional representation for a four-year term. An executive committee (kommunstyrelse) is appointed by its members.

List of mayors since 1943

Public transport

Solna is centrally located in Stockholm and is well served by the Stockholm public transport system with two Stockholm commuter rail">commuter train stations and six Stockholm Metro">Metro stations as well as a dense bus network run by SL. It was served by trams until 1959. Trams returned after 54 years of absence when Tvärbanan was extended from Alvik to Solna centrum. A further extension will be opened in 2014.


Skanska has its head office in Solna.[3] NextJet has its head office in Solna.[4] Mall of Scandinavia has opened in November 2015 and is located in Solna.[5]

The Scandinavian Airlines head office">head office of Scandinavian Airlines and SAS Group is located in Solna.[6][7] The airline head office was formerly located on the property of Stockholm Arlanda Airport"> Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sigtuna Municipality,[8] but now it is back in Solna.[9]


Solna church
  • The Solna Church was constructed in the 12th century. For defensive purposes, it was built as a round church, and is one of few of that kind in Sweden.


The following football clubs are located in Solna:


Solna Gymnasium is the senior high school/sixth form college of Solna.

International relations

Twin towns – Sister cities

Solna is twinned with:[10]


In addition to this, Solna has two cooperating cities,

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