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Smarter Planet[1] is a corporate initiative of the information technology company IBM. The initiative seeks to highlight how forward-thinking leaders in business, government, and civil society around the world are capturing the potential of smarter systems to achieve economic growth, near-term efficiency, sustainable development and societal progress.,[2][3] Examples of smarter systems include smart grids,[4] water management systems,[5] solutions to traffic congestion problems,[6] greener buildings,[7] and many others. These systems have historically been difficult to manage because of their size and complexity. But with new ways of monitoring, connecting, and analyzing the systems, business, civic and nongovernmental leaders are developing new ways to manage these systems. IBM's strategy is to provide or enable many of these technology and process management capabilities and, outside the realm of technology, to advocate for policy decisions that, according to the views expressed by IBM's management in interviews,[8] speeches,[9] op-ed articles and opinion advertising,[10] and other public venues, could "make the planet smarter."


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Origins[edit] In November 2008, IBM’s Chairman, CEO and President Sam Palmisano, during a speech[11] at the Council on Foreign Relations, outlined a new agenda for building a "Smarter Planet". The speech emphasized how the world's systems and industries are becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, and that leaders and citizens can take advantage of this state of affairs to improve these systems and industries. In January 2010 Sam Palmisano gave a follow-up speech[12] to the Chatham House called the "Decade of Smart". He highlighted dozens of initiatives in which leaders created smarter systems to solve the planet's most pressing problems. The speech aimed to inspire others to follow the leads of these innovators by helping to create a smarter planet. On March 1, 2011, IBM announced the Smarter Computing framework to support Smarter Planet.[13] Advertising campaign[edit] IBM has created an advertising campaign[14] to support its Smarter Planet agenda. In 2008 and 2009, IBM ran a series[15] of full-page advertisements in newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Each of these "op-ads" featured an essay about a system or industry that IBM claims can be made "smarter" through the application of technology.[16] A display at Epcot's Innoventions was installed, and opened on January 29, 2010.[17][18] A video that plays on a 12-foot globe in the exhibit was created by Christian Matts [19] and edited by Ben Suenaga.[20] A game called "RUNTIME" has been installed since 2009, where you could record your own images in the park, and play the game online.[21] IBM, under its Smarter Planet advertising campaign is supporting TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks.[22] Smarter cities[edit] Further information: smart city IBM Smarter Cities[23] is an initiative of IBM Smarter Planet, created to provide hardware, middleware, software and service solutions for city governments and agencies. The solutions implement existing IBM technology such as IBM cloud computing, analytics, mobility and social business. To date, Smarter Cities serves thousands of cities around the world in all areas of management[24] including public safety, health and human services, education,[25] infrastructure,[26] energy, water, and environmental. IBM Smarter cities also include citizen participation through People4SmarterCities.com,[27] so they can be part of the technological advances transforming their cities. Examples of major cities around the world using IBM Smarter Cities technology:[28]

Year 2014, Surat, India implemented an emergency response solution using IBM technology in Technology in Surat to advance it in India to be an advanced technologycal city. Year 2010,Peterborough, UK, Visualising the city systems using data to accelerate collaboration and better decision making[29] Year 2013, New Taipei City Police, implemented an IBM solution to enhance police productivity and ensuring public safety. Year 2013, Tucson, Arizona, implemented a water conservation solution with IBM focused on smart metering and water leak detection. Year 2013, Digital Delta transforms Dutch water management system using Big Data.

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