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In Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cities, the Small Causes Court is responsible for adjudicating matters related to civil cases. The court is responsible for cases relating to tax, (family matters are not dealt by small causes court), property disputes (which relate to rent and leave and licence) and other such cases. In Mumbai
there are two courts, the main one being in the Dhobitalao
region of South Mumbai and the other in Bandra. In Kolkata, the Presidency Small Causes Courts fulfills the same function. [Bangalore]] these courts are housed in a place popularly known as Cauvery Bhavan near State Bank of Mysore circle, close to Avenue Road. In Pakistan, Karachi has a Court of Small Causes to adjudicate Rent & Eviction matters. So do the Small Causes Courts of Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong in Bangladesh. See also[edit]

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