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Sky Racket
Sky Racket
is a 1937 American drama film directed by Sam Katzman and starring Bruce Bennett, Joan Barclay, and Duncan Renaldo.


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Plot[edit] Marion Bronson (Barclay), aided by her maid Jenny (McDaniel), flees an arranged marriage with Count Barksi (Renaldo). After stowing away on an airplane piloted by government agent Eric Lane (Bennett), the plane crashes and the duo end up being taken hostage by crooks.[1] Cast[edit]

Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett
as Eric Lane - Agent 17 (credited as Herman Brix) Joan Barclay
Joan Barclay
as Marion Bronson Duncan Renaldo
Duncan Renaldo
as Count Barksi Monte Blue
Monte Blue
as Benjamin Arnold Hattie McDaniel
Hattie McDaniel
as Jenny Jack Mulhall
Jack Mulhall
as Henchman Meggs Roger Williams as Henchman Nick Reagan Edward Earle
Edward Earle
as FBI Chief Maddox Earle Hodgins
Earle Hodgins
as Henchman Spike Hodgins Frank Wayne as Henchman Pete Ed Cassidy as FBI Agent Wilks


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