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Coordinates : 53°57′40″N 2°00′43″W / 53.961°N 2.012°W / 53.961; -2.012 SKIPTON was a rural district in the West Riding of Yorkshire from 1894 to 1974. It was named after Skipton
, which constituted an urban district on its southern border.

The district was expanded in 1937 by taking in the parishes of Steeton with Eastburn and Sutton-in-Craven from the disbanded Keighley Rural District .

It was abolished in 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972
Local Government Act 1972
, and was split three ways. The parishes of Addingham , Kildwick and Steeton with Eastburn went to the Metropolitan Borough of Bradford in West Yorkshire ; the parishes of Bracewell , Brogden and Salterforth became part of the Pendle
district of Lancashire
, with the rest going to the Craven
district of North Yorkshire
North Yorkshire


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