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SINCLAIR USER, often abbreviated SU, was a magazine dedicated to the Sinclair Research
Sinclair Research
range of home computers , most specifically the ZX Spectrum (while also occasionally covering arcade games ). Initially published by ECC Publications, and later EMAP
, it was published in the UK between 1982 and 1993, and was the longest running Sinclair-based magazine.

Like many similar magazines, it contained news, game reviews, previews, tips, help guides, regular columns, readers' letters and cover-mounted game demos .

In May 1992 the former rival publication CRASH was notionally subsumed into Sinclair User
Sinclair User
but in practice this meant little more than the addition of the Crash! logo to the magazine's cover page.

In earlier years, the magazine built up personality cults around some of its "hilariously" monikered staff, including Bill "Incorruptible" Scolding, John "Disgusting" Gilbert, Chris "Lunchbreaks" Bourne, Claire "Ligger" Edgely, Richard Price (writer of the "Gordo Greatbelly" adventure tips section), and columnist Andrew Hewson (founder of Hewson Consultants software).

Under David Kelly's editorial tenure, the magazine began to focus more on the gaming scene, and featured more colour graphics under designer Gareth "the Mad Celt". By the time of editor Graham Taylor, the magazine included the cartoon character Kamikaze Bear , and the tone of the publication changed from a semi-serious magazine to something aimed more at children.


Timex Sinclair User was a spin-off published for the US market.

A short-lived spin-off known as TIMEX SINCLAIR USER was also published for the American market, where versions of Sinclair computers were marketed under the Timex Sinclair name.


The debut issue, representative of the magazine's early style which was more hobbyist and less games-oriented than in later years.

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