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Simon Alexander Neil (born 31 August 1979) is a Scottish vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. He is known for his work in the bands Biffy Clyro and Marmaduke Duke.


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Career[edit] Biffy Clyro[edit]

14-08-08 Taubertal Biffy Clyro Simon Neil 2

Main article: Biffy Clyro Born in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland, Simon Neil formed Biffy Clyro in 1995 at 15 years old recruiting Kilmarnock-born James Johnston and someone known only as Barry on bass and drums respectively, calling themselves Skrewfish.[1] Barry was soon replaced by Ben Johnston, James's twin brother, and Biffy Clyro was effectively formed. In 1997, the trio moved to Glasgow, where Neil studied Electronics with Music at the University of Glasgow. He also Studied Film and TV for a year before leaving to pursue music full-time. By then, Simon's musical tastes had expanded; In 2000, the band were spotted at the Unsigned Bands stage at T in the Park by a Beggars Banquet representative. Soon after, the band was signed to the independent Beggar's Banquet. Biffy Clyro have since released seven albums, signed to a major record label, and toured relentlessly. Neil has stated that Biffy Clyro lyrics often come from phrases he writes down in a notebook he keeps by his bed. Marmaduke Duke[edit] Main article: Marmaduke Duke Neil plays with JP Reid of fellow Ayrshire group Sucioperro in Marmaduke Duke, under the pseudonym "The Atmosphere", which released their first album, The Magnificent Duke, in 2005. It was announced in late 2008 that the Duke was to make a return in 2009 with the follow-up album and second in the trilogy, Duke Pandemonium. The first single from the second album, "Kid Gloves" was released on 9 February 2009. Solo career[edit] Neil performs under the name ZZC. His debut single, "To The Bone", was used in the BBC’s ‘Radio 1 Rescores: Drive (curated by Zane Lowe)’ project. Personal life[edit]

Simon Neil

Neil lives in Ayr with his wife Francesca, whom he married at St Columba Church in Ayr on 5 January 2008. The song "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys was used for their first dance, and Neil has the song's chorus, "God only knows what I'd be without you", tattooed on his chest.[2] He is a supporter of Scottish Premiership side Rangers F.C Musical equipment used[edit] The following is a list of musical equipment used by Simon Neil: Guitars[edit] Electric

Fender Standard Stratocasters[3] – Various different Mexican models, including White, Red, Sunburst (with neck pickup & controls removed), Black, and Metallic Blue. Fender 1960 Custom Shop Stratocasters[3] – Fiesta Red, Frost Metallic, Lake Placid Blue, and White. Fender 50s Stratocaster Relic[3] Fender Telecaster Standard[3] – USA model, owned by James Johnston, three tone sunburst, can be seen in the music video for "Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies". Fender Telecaster Custom '62[3] – Japanese model, three tone sunburst, can be seen in the music video for "Only one word comes to mind". Squier Simon Neil Signature Stratocaster[3] Patrick Eggle New York[3] – Red. Gretsch White Falcon Used live for the song "Diary of Always" and is seen in the music video for "Folding Stars" Gibson ES-335 – used live for "God & Satan" Gretsch G2420T - used for music video of "Howl".

Effects pedals[edit]

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner[3] BOSS MD-2 Distortion[3] BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone[3] BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay x2 [3] BOSS LS-2 Line Selector[4] Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor[3]

Previous effects pedals[edit]

BOSS DS-1 Distortion[3] BOSS HM-2 Heavy Metal[3] Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah[4] Electro Harmonix Micro POG[4]


Peavey Delta Blues Combo[3] Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 Combo Marshall 1959SLP Head[3] Peavey Classic Head[3] and Peavey Classic 412 Cabinet[3] Hayden MoFo 30W tube head with Hayden 4x12[3] Fender Super Sonic 100 BLK Head[3] Kemper Profiling Amplifier PowerHead[3]

Discography[edit] Biffy Clyro[edit] Main article: Biffy Clyro discography

Blackened Sky (2002) The Vertigo of Bliss (2003) Infinity Land (2004) Puzzle (2007) Only Revolutions (2009) Opposites (2013) Ellipsis (2016)

Marmaduke Duke[edit]

The Magnificent Duke (2005) Duke Pandemonium (2009)

Other appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist Album

2001 "Zionist Timing" Aereogramme A Story in White

2002 "Hangover" Sucioperro Why Bliss Destroy

"Love In The Guise Of Friendship"

"Capable Of More"

2009 "Graves" Gallows Grey Britain

2010 "It's My Tail and I'll Chase It If I Want To" Oceansize Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up

2014 "Sun Riders" Krokodil Nachash

2016 "Reason to Stay" Good Charlotte Youth Authority


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