Sigma Thêta Pi (ΣΘΠ, STPi), is an international student fraternity based in Quebec (Canada)[1] and France, which was founded in 2003. There are currently 4 active Sigma Thêta Pi chapters.


In 2003, four students decided to create Sigma Theta Pi.[2] This fraternity is the only one to have an official recognition from a French speaking university.[3] In 2008, the fraternity became international, when one of the four founders exported Sigma Thêta Pi to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


The fraternity is focused on two main goals. The first is to enjoy the festivities of a student way of life; the second is to put together a social and professional network through the ΣΘΠ's brothers.[4] The fraternity's motto is, “It's not in our nature to distrust, but to challenge.“ This fraternity includes students from different scholastic curricula, different origins, and different nationalities, which can be associated with its internationality.[2]



Greek Chapter name City Ancient city name (used to describe chapter location)[5]
Alpha Grenoble, France Cularo
Beta Montreal, Quebec, Canada Hochelaga
Gamma Lyon, France Lugdunum
Delta Amiens, France Samarobriva
Epsilon Bordeaux, France Burdigala
Zeta Nancy, France Nanciacum
Eta Dijon, France Divio
Theta St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Avalon
Iota Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Hyatt's Mill
Kappa Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Stadaconé
Lambda Paris, France Lutetia


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