Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. (ΣΒΡ, also SigRho) is a national, collegiate, multicultural, Greek-lettered fraternity. Sigma Beta Rho was founded on August 16, 1996, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The fraternity was originally dedicated to the advancement of South-Asian men in America, but has since expanded to a broader focus.


The National Executive Board (NEB) is the governing body of Sigma Beta Rho, and presides over the nationwide fraternity, which is divided into eight interim regions. Each region is appointed a Regional Governor (RG) by the NEB, who acts as the envoy to his respective region on the behalf of the NEB. Under each RG, there is also a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC).

The fraternity’s national philanthropic focus is on its partnership with SOS Children's Villages.[2] Sigma Beta Rho is currently working on establishing an internet-based newsletter, the Seven Star Journal.[3]

Sigma Beta Rho is a charter member of the National APIA Panhellenic Association (NAPA). Sigma Beta Rho member Akash Kuruvilla co-authored the original constitution of NAPA. The fraternity was also accepted into the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) on 15 April 2007 as its 69th member.[1]

Sigma Beta Rho maintains a non-hazing policy.



The first eight members of Sigma Beta Rho, known as the National Founding Fathers, are Saiful Khandker, Shoor Kalam, Russell Abdullah, Bonit Sharma, Rajan Dogra, Neil Datta, Suman Ghosh, and Anuj Datta.[4]

The eight founders originally attended three different college campuses, and came together to form Sigma Beta Rho as a South-Asian Interest fraternity. Sigma Beta Rho’s pronouncement, however, occurred upon the establishment of its Beta Chapter at Binghamton University on August 22, 1998. That same year the fraternity incorporated under the State Department of New York. Since 1998, Sigma Beta Rho has expanded to over 40 chapters and colonies in the United States, and has a total membership of over 2000.[citation needed]


In its first few years of existence, Sigma Beta Rho changed its focus from a South-Asian interest fraternity to one with a multicultural mission. The fraternity's mission advocates the idea that the United States is a cultural salad bowl, and that members should actively embrace both their own cultural heritage, as well as a work towards a better understanding of the greater community.[citation needed]


Entities of Sigma Beta Rho[5]
Status School City State Established
Α - Alpha Chapter University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1996-08-16
Β - Beta Chapter Binghamton University Binghamton New York 1998-08-22
Γ - Gamma Chapter St. John's University Queens New York 1998-08-22
Ε - Epsilon Chapter Pace University New York New York 1999-09-01
Ζ - Zeta Chapter Stony Brook University Stony Brook New York 2000-02-02
Η - Eta Chapter Boston College Chestnut Hill Massachusetts 2002-06-01
Θ - Theta Chapter Rutgers University New Brunswick New Jersey 2001-06-17
Ι - Iota Chapter University of Washington Seattle Washington 2003-01-18
Κ - Kappa Chapter University of Rochester Rochester New York 2002-12-10
Λ - Lambda Chapter Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond Virginia 2002-11-24
Μ - Mu Chapter University of South Florida Tampa Florida 2001-08-25
Ν - Nu Chapter University of Georgia Athens Georgia 2004-05-09
Ξ - Xi Chapter University of Maryland, College Park College Park Maryland 2003-04-27
Ο - Omicron Chapter University of Maryland, Baltimore County Catonsville Maryland 2003-12-13
Π - Pi Chapter University of Florida Gainesville Florida 2002-05-31
Ρ - Rho Chapter Temple University Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2004-11-20
Σ - Sigma Chapter Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta Georgia 2005-04-02
Τ - Tau Chapter University of Houston Houston Texas 2004-03-04
Υ - Upsilon Chapter Drexel University Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2002-03-30
Φ - Phi Chapter University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2003-04-26
Ψ - Psi Chapter Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Florida 2004-11-19
ΑΑ - Alpha Alpha Chapter Florida State University Tallahassee Florida 2005-12-10
ΑΒ - Alpha Beta Chapter Northeastern University Boston Massachusetts 2007-04-14
ΑΓ - Alpha Gamma Chapter Oregon State University Corvallis Oregon 2005-05-21
ΑΔ - Alpha Delta Chapter University of Tennessee Knoxville Tennessee 2006-04-28
AE - Alpha Epsilon Chapter University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Urbana and Champaign Illinois 2008-04-26
Associate Chapter University of Massachusetts-Lowell Lowell Massachusetts 2010
Associate Chapter Baruch College Manhattan New York 2006-04-29
Associate Chapter East Tennessee State University Johnson City Tennessee 2008-11-19
Associate Chapter Indiana University Bloomington Indiana 2010-05-29
Associate Chapter University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2009-05-31
Associate Chapter Syracuse University Syracuse New York 2006-05-06
Associate Chapter University of South Carolina Columbia South Carolina 2010-04-18
Associate Chapter Rutgers University–Newark Newark New Jersey 2006
Associate Chapter New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark New Jersey 2006
Associate Chapter University of North Florida Jacksonville Florida 2014-04-10
Associate Chapter Stockton University Galloway New Jersey 2015-11-14
Colony Boston University Boston Massachusetts 2005-04-23
Colony Florida International University Miami Florida 2007-05-05
Colony George Mason University Fairfax County Virginia 2007-11-29
Colony Long Island University Brooklyn New York 2008-12
Colony Michigan State University East Lansing Michigan 2006-12-10
Colony Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken New Jersey 2004
Colony University at Buffalo Buffalo New York 2001-12-07
Colony University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago Illinois 2006-05-14
Colony University of Michigan Ann Arbor Michigan 2013-12-06
Colony University of North Texas Denton Texas 2011-10-15
Colony University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas 2009-05-03
Colony University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga Tennessee 2012-11-14
Colony Emory University Atlanta Georgia 2014-11-07
Colony Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg Virginia 2004-05-29
Colony Wayne State University Detroit Michigan 2014-12-13
Colony University at Albany Albany New York 2012
Colony University of Louisville Louisville Kentucky 2015-05-04
Colony Rowan University Glassboro New Jersey 2017-04-08
Colony Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton Florida 2017-3-25

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