Sigil is free, open-source editing software for e-books in the EPUB format.

As a cross-platform application, Sigil is distributed for the Windows, macOS and Linux platforms under the GNU GPL license. Sigil supports both WYSIWYG and code-based editing of EPUB files, as well as the import of HTML and plain text files.[2][3]

Sigil has been developed by Strahinja Val Marković and others since 2009. From July 2011 to June 2015 John Schember was the lead developer.[4] In June 2015 development of Sigil was taken over by Kevin Hendricks and Doug Massay.[5]


Sigil's features include:[6]

  • Full UTF-16 and EPUB 2 specification support
  • Multiple views: book, code and preview view
  • WYSIWYG editing in book view
  • Table of contents generator with multi-level heading support
  • Metadata editor with full support for all metadata entries
  • Hunspell based spell checking with default and user configurable dictionaries
  • Full regular expression (PCRE) support for find and replace
  • Supports import of EPUB and HTML files, images, and style sheets
  • Integrated API to external HTML and graphics editors
  • FlightCrew validator for EPUB standard compliance validation (separate plugin)

Sigil has full EPUB 2 specifications support, but only limited EPUB 3 support. Since version 0.9.3 of January 2016, the developers have been focusing on "improving Sigil’s ability to work with and generate epub3 ebooks without losing any of its epub2 capabilities".[7]


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