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SIDI BARRANI (Egyptian Arabic : سيدى برانى‎‎ pronounced ) is a town in Egypt
, near the Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea
, about 95 km (59 mi) east of the border with Libya
, and around 240 km (150 mi) from Tobruk , Libya

Named after Sidi es-Saadi el Barrani , a Senussi
sheikh who was a head of its Zawiya , the village is mainly a Bedouin
community. It has food and gasoline outlets, and one small hotel, but has virtually no tourist activity or visited historical curiosities. It is the site of an Egyptian air force base.


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See also: Battle of Sidi Barrani
Battle of Sidi Barrani
, Military history of Italy during World War II , and Military history of Egypt
during World War II

Located close to the Roman city of Zygra, in the Roman province of Libya
Inferior , Sidi Barrani
Sidi Barrani
is often mentioned in historical records to mark the limit of the initial Italian invasion of Egypt
from Libya. The Italian Tenth Army built a series of forts in the vicinity.

American Field Service volunteers, providing ambulance services and serving with the British 8th Army were based in the area, in June 1942, 30 miles east of Sidi Barrani.

Sidi Barrani