Siamese twins or conjoined twins are identical twins whose bodies are conjoined ''in utero''. Siamese twins may also refer to: * Chang and Eng Bunker the "Siamese Twins", Siamese-American conjoined twin brothers from whom the term derives * Irreversible binomial, a pair or group of words used together in fixed order, such as ''fish and chips'' or ''null and void'' * NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, two galaxies nicknamed the Siamese twins * "Siamese Twins", a song from The Cure's 1982 album ''Pornography'' * A type of crossword puzzle with two grids and two clues for each entry displayed together in random order

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* Siamese (disambiguation) * Siamese connection, a pipe fitting that allows two or more fire hoses to be connected * Dual-listed company, a corporate structure in which two corporations function as a single operating business {{disambiguation