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Shizhu River (Chinese: 石渚河; pinyin: shízhǔ hé; literally: "stony river") is a right-bank tributary of Xiang River
Xiang River
in Wangcheng District of Changsha, Hunan
Province, China. [1] The river has three sources merging into the trunk stream at Daigongqiao (Chinese: 戴公桥). The right branch (northern branch) is its main stream which rises in the Jiufeng Mountain (Chinese: 九峰山), the headwaters are a group of reservoirs including Chating Reservoir (Chinese: 茶亭水库), Sichong Reservoir (Chinese: 寺充水库) and Nanchong Reservoir (Chinese: 南充水库) located in Chating Town. The main river runs through Chating and Qiaoyi 2 towns and Tongguan Subdistrict before linking up with the Xiang River. It has a length of 25 kilometres (16 mi) with a drainage basin area of rough 60 square kilometres (23 sq mi). Its drainage basin covers Shizhu (Chinese: 石渚村), Caitaoyuan (Chinese: 彩陶源村), Heqiao (Chinese: 何桥村), Gguoliang villages of Tongguan Subdistrict, Baishi (Chinese: 白石村) of Qiaoyi Town, Xihusi (Chinese: 西湖寺村), Shiziling (Chinese: 狮子岭村), Daigongqiao (Chinese: 戴公桥村), Wangqun (Chinese: 望群村), Meihualing (Chinese: 梅花岭社区), Tanjiayuan (Chinese: 谭家园村) and Jiufengshan (Chinese: 九峰山村) villages of Chating Town.[2] The source of the main stem of the Shizhu River is Chating Reservoir. Water enters the river through sluice gate. The main stem flows southeast confluence with the middle branch and south branch at Daigongqiao in the eastern side of Hunan
provincial route S102.From here the river flows west, after inflowing several streams in Shizhu Batardeau (Chinese: 石渚垸), it joins Xiang River
Xiang River
at Lanjiapo (Chinese: 兰家坡) Mouth. References[edit]

^ About Wangcheng District of Changsha - 望城区简介: 114huoche.com or baidu.com ^ the geography on the Shizhu River, according to the webmap, see webmap.cn

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Coordinates: 28°24′43″N 112°49′49″E / 28.411940329412797°N 112.83037896166685°E / 28.411940329412797; 112.83