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Shim Eun-ha (born September 23, 1972) is a retired South Korean actress. Shim rose to popularity in the 1990s, starring in some of the highest-rated Korean dramas of all time, such as The Last Match, M and Trap of Youth. But she is best known for her acclaimed performance in Hur Jin-ho's melodrama Christmas in August, for which she swept the Best Actress awards in 1998. This was followed by another well-received turn in romantic comedy Art Museum by the Zoo. Shim suddenly retired from show business at the height of her fame in 2001, and her mystique solidified her status as the most beloved South Korean actress of that decade.[1]


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Career[edit] Shim Eun-ha made her acting debut in 1993 after being recruited by MBC. In 1994, she starred in the basketball-themed TV drama The Last Match, and quickly became the nation's most popular and talked-about star. After more forays in television (including the horror drama M) and two lesser-known films (including Born to Kill with Jung Woo-sung), she made a permanent mark in the film industry with her performance in Hur Jin-ho's modern-day classic Christmas in August (1998). Later that year Art Museum by the Zoo, which presented a more down-to-earth side of the actress, saw her win over more critical praise for her acting abilities. Throughout this period, Shim consistently topped magazine polls as the most popular actress in the film industry.[1] In Trap of Youth (1999), Shim originated the anti-heroine in modern Korean dramas, when her innocent-looking character avenged herself upon her beloved who had betrayed her. The revenge drama was enormously popular, with viewer ratings soaring to 35.7 percent.[2] She then reunited with Han Suk-kyu in Tell Me Something
Tell Me Something
(1999), and their star power combined to create one of the most highly anticipated works in Korean film history (though most viewers ultimately expressed disappointment at the film's convoluted narrative).[3] The following year she appeared in Korea's first Dogme
film Interview (2000) opposite Lee Jung-jae, which would end up being her last appearance.[1] Post-retirement[edit] In 2001, after rumors surfaced of an engagement which was later called off, Shim was chased and hounded for months by reporters from local tabloids and entertainment programs.[4] Because of this, she decided to quit acting, simply stating a desire for an ordinary life. In the ensuing years, despite periodic rumors that she would resume her film career, Shim has tried her best to remain out of the public eye, studying in France and taking up painting.[5] Personal life[edit] In September 2005, Shim appeared in the news again when she announced in a press release that she was marrying Ji Sang-wook.[6][7] The couple wed at a private ceremony attended by about 150 people at Aston House, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on October 18, 2005.[8][9] At the time she reaffirmed that she will not return to acting.[1] The couple have two daughters, the first born on March 2, 2006 and the second on November 28, 2007.[10][11] Having expressed regret that she hadn't pursued further education while she'd been acting, Shim entered the Korea National Open University in 2009 to study for a liberal arts degree.[12] She then displayed her artwork at the 2009 Seoul Open Art Fair, where the Oriental ink-and-wash landscape paintings, done in classical Korean style, attracted attention for their exquisite detail.[13][14][15] She sold her first painting at a fundraiser exhibit later that year. After being appointed as spokesperson for the Liberty Forward Party,[16] Shim's husband Ji unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Seoul in 2010.[17][18][19][20] Ji subsequently joined the Saenuri Party and was elected a member of the National Assembly for Seoul in April 2016.[21] Ji now joined Bareun Party. Filmography[edit] Film[edit]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director

1995 My Old Sweetheart 아찌 아빠 Ajji appa Nam Yoo-ri Shin Seung-soo

1996 Born to Kill 본 투 킬 Bon tu kil Jung Soo-ha Jang Hyun-soo

1998 Christmas in August 8월의 크리스마스 Palweolui Keuriseumaseu Kim Da-rim Hur Jin-ho

Art Museum by the Zoo 미술관 옆 동물원 Misulgwan yup dongmulwon Lee Choon-hee Lee Jeong-hyang

1999 The Uprising 이재수의 난 Lee Jae-su-eui nan Il Sook-hwa Park Kwang-su

Tell Me Something 텔 미 썸딩 Telmisseomding Chae Soo-yeon Chang Yoon-hyun

2000 Interview 인터뷰 In-teo-byoo Lee Young-hee Byun Hyuk (Daniel H. Byun)

Television series[edit]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Network

1993 Three Families Under One Roof 한지붕 세가족

Yoo Ji-hee MBC

1994 The Last Match 마지막 승부 Majimak Seungbu Jung Da-seul MBC

MBC Best Theater "Little Thief" MBC 베스트극장 - 작은 도둑

Lee Jung-eun MBC


Park Ma-ri/Kim Joo-ri MBC

Shoal 여울목

Na Seung-ri MBC

1995 Hotel 호텔 Ho-tel movie actress (cameo) MBC

Sook-hee 숙희 Suk-hui Kim Sook-hee MBC

1996 1.5 Generation 1.5

Cha Hye-kyung MBC

TV Literature "Between Heaven and Earth" TV문학관 - 천지간 Cheonjigan woman KBS1

Power of Love 사랑한다면 Saranghanda Myeon Kim Young-hee MBC

1997 Beautiful Lady 아름다운 그녀 Areumdawoon Geunyeo Yoo Seon-young SBS

SBS 70-Minute Drama "I Want" SBS 70분드라마 - 나는 원한다 Naneun Wonhanda Hong Young-ki SBS

1998 White Nights 3.98 백야 3.98 Baekya 3.98 Anastasia Jang SBS

1999 Trap of Youth 청춘의 덫 Cheongchunui Deot Seo Yoon-hee SBS

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result

1994 30th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress, TV category The Last Match Won

Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards Best Dressed, TV Actress category N/A Won

MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress The Last Match, M Won

1997 31st Tax Payer's Day Prime Minister's Commendation N/A Won

1998 34th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress Christmas in August Won

18th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards Best Actress Won

19th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Won

Popular Star Award Won

1st Director's Cut Awards Best Actress Won

1999 35th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress, TV category Trap of Youth Won

36th Grand Bell Awards Best Actress Art Museum by the Zoo Won

Popularity Award Won

20th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Tell Me Something Nominated

Popular Star Award Won

SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Trap of Youth Won

Top 10 Stars Won

Highest Popularity Award Won

2000 1st Korea Visual Arts Festival (Korea Broadcasting Camera Directors Association) Photogenic Award, Film Actress category Tell Me Something Won

23rd Golden Cinematography Awards (Korean Society of Cinematographers) Most Popular Actress Won

37th Grand Bell Awards Popularity Award Won

1st Korean Film Festival Best Actress Won

21st Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actress Interview Nominated

SBS Drama Awards Big Star Award


2001 38th Grand Bell Awards Popularity Award Interview Won

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