Sherman Island is an
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in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta at the confluence of the two rivers in
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. The island, mostly managed by Reclamation District 341, is the meeting point of Sacramento County, California, Sacramento, Solano County, California, Solano, and Contra Costa County, California, Contra Costa Counties, and is bordered on the north and northwest by the Sacramento River, on the northeast by Three Mile Slough, and on the east, and south west by the San Joaquin River. Sherman Island is a widely known kite and windsurfing area. Sherman Island was shown, in the same location but with a different shape, on an 1850 survey map of the San Francisco Bay area made by Cadwalader Ringgold and an 1854 map of the area by Henry Lange. Currently, it is 10 feet List of places on land with elevations below sea level, below sea level, due to the drainage of Wetland, wetlands in the Delta which has dried out its Peat, peat soils, resulting in Subsidence, land subsidence. "In ... parts of Sherman Island, the land has now subsided 25 feet since the late 1800s—and continues to sink between half an inch and 1.5 inches yearly." It is possible that simultaneous Levee breach, levee failures on Sherman Island and surrounding islands, occurring in the wake of an List of earthquakes in California, earthquake, could threaten the fresh water supply for the Central Valley (California), Central Valley.


Access to the island is provided only by boat from California State Route 160, which uses the Antioch Bridge to link Sherman Island with the city of Antioch to the south, and the Three Mile Slough Bridge to link Sherman Island with Brannan Island State Recreation Area to the north. In either case, turn south onto Sherman Island Road and continue driving to Mayberry Slough."Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area." California Department of Fish and Wildlife. August 6, 2019.
Accessed September 29, 2019.

Wildlife area

The southwest of the island, known as Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area, contains about and features a large marshy area and Sherman Lake where there is fish and other water sports, particularly windsurfing and kiteboarding. This area was designated in 1976 as a wildlife habitat by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Fish & Game Commission. The Delta Flood Protection Act, enacted after serious flooding occurred in 1986, included flood control improvement projects for Sherman Island, as well as eight other islands. Senate Bill 1065, enacted in 1991, was intended to assure that these islands did not experience any net loss of habitat.

Hours and fees

In 2019, park hours were established as sunrise to sunset year-round. Self-payment is required when no fee collector is present."Sherman Island." Sacramento County Regional Parks. 2019.
Accessed September 30, 2019.


Overnight camping is allowed with the following restrictions: *Maximum stay is 14 nights, after which a 30-day break is required. *Camping with self-contained vehicles only (RV's, trailers and vans) *Camping is not permitted in the boat launch parking lot


*$5 Vehicle *$3 Small Watercraft Launch *$10 Vehicle & Trailer/Oversized Vehicle over *$20 Bus *$12.50 nightly camping; parks pass holders receive a $5 discount


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