Sherman most commonly refers to: *Sherman (name), a surname and given name (and list of persons with the name) ** William Tecumseh Sherman (1820–1891), American Civil War General *M4 Sherman, a tank Sherman may also refer to:


United States

* Sherman, Texas, a city * Sherman Island (California) * Mount Sherman, Colorado * Sherman, Connecticut, a town * Sherman, Illinois, a village * Sherman, Kansas * Sherman, Kentucky * Sherman, Maine, a town * Sherman, Michigan, an unincorporated community * Sherman, Minnesota, an unincorporated community * Sherman, Mississippi, a town * Sherman, Missouri, an unincorporated community * Sherman, New Mexico, an unincorporated community * Sherman (town), New York ** Sherman (village), New York * Sherman, South Dakota, a town * Sherman, Washington, a ghost town * Sherman, West Virginia, an unincorporated community * Sherman, Clark County, Wisconsin, a town * Sherman, Dunn County, Wisconsin, a town * Sherman, Iron County, Wisconsin, a town * Sherman, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, a town *Sherman, Wyoming, a ghost town


* Sherman Island (Antarctica) * Fort Sherman, a former United States Army base at the Panama Canal * Sherman Avenue (Hamilton, Ontario), Canada

Fictional characters

* Sherman, the pet boy of the dog Mister Peabody on ''The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show'' * Sherman, the eponymous character in the comic strip ''Sherman's Lagoon'' * Sherman, a recurring character in Nickelodeon's ''The Backyardigans''


* ''General Sherman'', an American-owned paddle steamship involved in the General Sherman incident of 1866 * ''Sherman'', a United States merchant steamship, formerly USS Princess Royal * USCGC ''Sherman'' (WHEC-720), a United States Coast Guard cutter * USS ''Forrest Sherman'', two ships of the US Navy

Other uses

* Sherman (constructor), a former American racing car constructor * Sherman (Pacific Electric), a former railroad in California, USA * 21621 Sherman, a main-belt asteroid * The Sherman (Omaha, Nebraska), an apartment building on the National Register of Historic Places * Sherman Mine, an abandoned open pit mine in Temagami, Ontario, Canada * Sherman Mine (Colorado), a mine on Mount Sherman * Sherman, Texas minor league baseball teams, active intermittently between 1895 and 1952 * Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA * Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, Wales * Sherman (US Supreme Court case), an 1888 United States Supreme Court case * Sherman Pledge, a promise not to run for a public office

See also

* Sherman County (disambiguation) * Sherman Township (disambiguation) * Sherman Antitrust Act, an 1890 US act * Sherman Silver Purchase Act, an 1890 US act *General Sherman (disambiguation) *Sherman's March to the Sea * * *Scherman (surname) *Sharman *Shearman (disambiguation) *Shurman {{disambiguation