Coordinates: 24°23′17.60″N 120°46′55.34″E / 24.3882222°N 120.7820389°E / 24.3882222; 120.7820389

The old station house of Shengxing Station has become a tourist shop and is visited by many as a known place in the area.

Shengxing Station (Chinese: 勝興車站; pinyin: Shèngxìng Chēzhàn), also spelled Shengsing Station ,Shenghsing or Shengzing is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration West Coast line (Former Mountain line). It is located in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan. This station was closed to normal service on 24 September 1998 due to a route change of the trunk line. It is now a tourist spot surrounded by a cluster of tea shops and traditional Hakka restaurants.


The station was completed in 1905 and functioned as a station on the Mountain line section of the TRA's West Coast line for nearly the rest of the century. However, due to the steepness of the West Coast line in the vicinity of the station, the TRA constructed a new, more easily navigable section of the Mountain line. As a result, passenger services to Shengxing Station ceased in 1998 when the new section of the Mountain line opened while the previous segment of the Mountain line containing Shengxing station became known as the "Former Mountain" line. However, due to its history and value to local people, the TRA kept the station as a tourist attraction, and in 1999 the Miaoli County government designated the station as a historic site.

In 2010 as part of an initiative to increase tourism in the region, the TRA began steam train services on the Old Mountain line on special occasions.[1] Shengxing Station once again became a stop on passenger train services.

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