thumb|Maasai shelter, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania A shelter is a basic architectural structure or building that provides protection from the local environment. Having a place of shelter, of safety and of retreat, i.e. a home, is commonly considered a fundamental physiological human need, the foundation from which to develop higher human motivations.


* Air-raid shelter * Animal shelter * Bivouac shelter * Blast shelter * Bus shelter * Emergency shelter * Fallout shelter * Homeless shelter * Hut * Mia-mia Indigenous Australian for a temporary shelter * Quinzhee, Slavey for a shelter made from a shaped mound of loose snow that is hollowed, chiefly used for survival in winter * Refugee shelter * Rock shelter * Toguna, a shelter used by the Dogon people in Africa * Transitional shelter * Women's shelter * Bothy * Ramada

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* List of human habitation forms * Hut (dwelling) * Right to housing * Tent


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