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Shekak (also Shakkak, Shikakan or Shekkāk[1]) is a Kurdish tribe in West Azerbaijan province, Iran. The tribe lives around the city of Urmia
and in 37 village in Sharran sub district of Afrin district. History[edit] Among the clans of the Shekak are the 'Awdoǐ.[2] According to their oral history they came from Diyarbakır
in the 17th Century and settled west of Lake Urmia,[2] which displaced the Donboli
tribe.[3] The first known chieftain of the 'Awdoǐ was Ismail Agha who died in 1816 and whose tomb is beside the Naslu River.[3] His grandson Jafar Agha was executed as a bandit in Tabriz
in 1905.[2] Jafar's brother, Simko Shikak, was allegedly responsible for leading the anti-Christian and anti-Alevite[4] massacres in the area before and during World War I and supposed organized resistance against the cruel regime of Reza Shah.[5] Notes[edit]

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