The Info List - Shedding-type Game

A shedding-type card game is a game in which the player's objective is to empty one's hand of all cards before all other players. Popular card games of this type include:


1 Action/power/trick cards 2 Progressively add rules 3 One suit per player 4 One deck per pair 5 Bluffing 6 Asian games 7 Dedicated-deck 8 Miscellaneous

Action/power/trick cards[edit] In these games, players win by having least number of points.

Boom-O Crazy Eights Craits One Card Cabo Switch

Progressively add rules[edit]

Bartok Mao

One suit per player[edit]

Red Nines

One deck per pair[edit] Players play in pairs, shed sets of cards for points and win by reaching a certain point value.

Biriba Canasta



Asian games[edit]

Big Two Dai Hin Min Dou Dizhu President Tien len Zheng Fen


Castle Phase 10 Scrabble Slam! Uno Five Crowns


Cards in the hat Speed