The Shalun Line (Chinese: 沙崙線; pinyin: Shālún xiàn) is a branch line of the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line in Tainan City, Taiwan. It was built to link the Western Line to the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Tainan Station, speeding up transit times between downtown Tainan and the THSR station, with services running from Nanke Station or Tainan Station to Shalun Station, next to the THSR station. The line opened on January 2, 2011.


The Shalun Line was proposed as a solution to the lack of a rail connection between the Tainan metropolitan area and the Taiwan High Speed Rail station in Guiren.[2] Originally, in plans developed in the 1990s, the Red Line of the planned Tainan MRT system was designed to address this issue,[3] but financial considerations meant the MRT project had to be shelved indefinitely.[4] After public consultation the Executive Yuan decided to prioritize a regular rail link between the THSR and TRA rail systems.[4] The initial budget for the construction of the Shalun Line was NT$5.8 billion.[5]


The junction of the Shalun and Western Main lines

With the exception of the end of the junction with the Western Line, the line is completely elevated. Work was originally planned to be completed in 2009, but due to flood prevention work on Erren River, which crosses under the rail line, the completion date was pushed back to January 2011.[citation needed] There have been some complaints from local residents that the increased number of trains passing through Tainan will increase the number of times road traffic must stop at level crossings to let trains pass.[6] The line has three stations: the existing TRA Western Line Zhongzhou Station, which was renovated and modified as a junction station, and the newly built Chang Jung University, and Shalun Stations.[1][7]


An EMU600 series train, in special livery for Shalun Line service,[8] in TRA Tainan Station.

Longer services run between TRA Western Line's Nanke Station, near Tainan Science Park in Tainan's Xinshi District, and Shalun Station; with intermediate stops at Xinshi, Yongkang, Daqiao, Tainan, Bao'an, Rende, Zhongzhou, and Chang Jung University.[9] Shorter services run between Tainan and Shalun.[9] Further plans foresee the construction of a new station, Linsen Station, and the reopening of the previously closed South Tainan Station, both in the Tainan metropolitan area.[citation needed] An additional station was considered at Tainan Airport, but was cancelled.[citation needed]

The line was opened on January 2, 2011 as TRA's first new line in 30 years.[1] The line cuts the journey time between TRA Tainan and THSR Tainan stations to 21–22 minutes,[7][9] against the shuttle bus travel time of around 50 minutes.[1] The ticket price for a Tainan–Shalun ride was set at NT$25,[1] but travel was free during the first two weeks.[8] The initial schedule contains 70 trains a day.[7][9]

LCD screens aboard each train allow for passengers to view instant location and transfer information, similar to Tokyo's Yamanote Line.[7]


Station Chinese Distance
(from Zhongzhou)
Notes Location
Zhongzhou 中洲 0 Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Trunk Line (S) Rende Tainan
Chang Jung University 長榮大學 2.6 km Guiren
Shalun 沙崙 5.3 km Taiwan High Speed Rail THSR Tainan Station


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