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Shahrud County ( fa, شهرستان شاهرود) is located in Semnan province, Iran. The capital of the county is
Shahrud The Shahrud (Turkish ''Şehrud'' from Persian شاهرود, DMG ''šāh-i rūd'' or ''šāh-rūd'') was a short-necked lute, illustrated in the '' Surname-i Hümayun'', resembling an oud or barbat, but being much larger. The larger size gave th ...
. At the 2006 census, the county's population (including those portions of the county later split off in 2011 to form Meyami CountyOfficial government announcement
) was 225,007, in 62,196 households. Retrieved 7 November 2022 The following census in 2011 counted 238,830 people, in 70,598 households. At the 2016 census, the county's population was 218,628, in 69,723 households.

Administrative divisions

Notable natives and residents

* Bayazid Bastami, 9th century Sufi * Abu al-Hassan al-Kharaqani (963-1033), Sufi *
Abbas Foroughi Bastami Abbas may refer to: People * Abbas (name), list of people with the name, including: **Abbas ibn Ali, Popularly known as Hazrat-e-Abbas (brother of Imam Hussayn) ** Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, uncle of Muhammad ** Mahmoud Abbas (born 1935), Pale ...
(1798-1857), poet


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