The Info List - Setaria Parviflora

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Setaria parviflora is a species of grass known by the common names marsh bristlegrass,[2] knotroot bristle-grass,[3] bristly foxtail and yellow bristlegrass. It is native to North America, including Mexico and the United States from California to the East Coast, Central America and the West Indies,[4] and South America.[5] This grass is a perennial with small, knotty rhizomes. It produces stems 30 centimeters to well over one meter tall. The leaf blades are up to 25 centimeters long and under a centimeter wide.[4] The leaves are whitish-green.[6] The inflorescence is a compact, spikelike panicle up to 8 or 10 centimeters long. Surrounding each spikelet are up to 12 yellow or purple bristles.[4] The bristles stay on the stalk after the seeds drop away.[6] This grass grows in moist habitat.[4] It can grow in salty habitat such as salt marshes.[6] References[edit]

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Taxon identifiers

Setaria parviflora

Wd: Q9076531 APDB: 187182 Calflora: 11079 EoL: 1115541 EPPO: SETGE FloraBase: 19453 FoC: 242417248 GBIF: 5289679 GrassBase: imp09402 GRIN: 317164 iNaturalist: 79068 IPNI: 943811-1 ITIS: 505191 IUCN: 18963261 NCBI: 66039 NZOR: 101d0a2f-bb92-424b-9598-5650bffcf602 Plant List: kew-442600 PLANTS: SEPA10 Tropicos: 25518410 WCSP: 442600 WoRMS: 418818

Cenchrus parviflorus

Wd: Q39583904 GBIF: 5674025 GRIN: 434334 IPNI: 51267-2 ITIS: 788033 NZOR: 76af22b0-be6a-4fc7-9c4d-b78fff8702a2