The Info List - Setaria Barbata

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Setaria barbata, with common names bristly foxtail grass,[2] corn grass,[2] Mary grass,[2] and East Indian bristlegrass,[3] is a species of grass in the Poaceae family native to tropical Africa and tropical Asia. References[edit]

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Taxon identifiers

Setaria barbata

Wd: Q14946933 APDB: 50049 EoL: 1114668 EPPO: SETBA GBIF: 5289663 GrassBase: imp09348 GRIN: 33802 iNaturalist: 168873 IPNI: 1172068-2 ITIS: 41241 NCBI: 192628 Plant List: kew-442214 PLANTS: SEBA Tropicos: 25512490 WCSP: 442214

Panicum barbatum

Wd: Q39583527 GRIN: 26446 ITIS: 518220 Tropicos: 25513793

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