Seoul Metro (Hangul: 서울교통공사) is a public corporation owned by Seoul Metropolitan Government, and one of the two major operators of Seoul Metropolitan Subway with Korail.


Lines and sections

Seoul Metro's service covers a part of 1, 3, 4 and the whole 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Seoul Metro control parts of 9 but services are provided by Seoul Line9 Operation a joint venture with Seoul Metro Line 9 Corporation. For lines 1, 3, and 4, Korail jointly participates in the service. Seoul Metro controls the railways and stations which are owned by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Line Name
Starting Station(s)
Ending Station(s)
Total Length
in km
Seoul Metro Line 1.svg (control)
Cheongnyangni Seoul 10 7.8 km
Seoul Metro Line 1.svg (service)
Yangju Incheon / Seodongtan
Seoul Metro Line 2.svg
loop line 51 60.2 km
Seoul Metro Line 3.svg (control)
Jichuk Ogeum 34 38.2 km
Seoul Metro Line 3.svg (service)
Daehwa Ogeum
Seoul Metro Line 4.svg (control)
Danggogae Namtaeryeong 26 31.7 km
Seoul Metro Line 4.svg (service)
Danggogae Oido
Seoul Metro Line 5.svg
Banghwa Sangil-dong / Macheon 51 52.3 km
Seoul Metro Line 6.svg
Eungam Bonghwasan 38 35.1 km
Seoul Metro Line 7.svg
Jangam Bupyeong-gu Office 51 57.1 km
Seoul Metro Line 8.svg
Amsa Moran 17 17.7 km
Seoul Metro Line 9.svg (control)
Eonju Sports Complex 5 4.3 km
Seoul Metro Line 9.svg (service)
Gaehwa Sports Complex


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