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Seoul–Yangyang Expressway

Hangul 서울춘천고속도로

Hanja 서울春川高速道路

Revised Romanization Seoul Chuncheon Gosokdoro

McCune–Reischauer Seoul Chunchon Kosoktoro

The Seoul–Yangyang Expressway (Hangul: 서울양양고속도로) is an expressway in South Korea, connecting the cities of Seoul and Yangyang County. It is 78.5 kilometers long, with two lanes of traffic in each direction and ten interchanges. It shares the number "60" and operates by Seoul-Chuncheon Highway Corporation, as a privately financed toll road. The extension to the end at the eastcoast is to be opened June 30, 2017. The estimated travel time between the two cities is roughly 40 minutes, saving about more than half of the previous travel time on the National Road No.46. Due to the reason as a 'privately funded' road, the toll for a passenger car is 5,900 won, and after lots of complaints from the people and organizations of Northwestern Gangwon, the toll for the user living in Chuncheon city and its surrounding region will be 5,200 won.[1] Construction was completed on July 15, 2009, with an active passenger-passing and its official opening ceremony held on the same day, at a total cost of slightly over 2 trillion won. According to the South Korean Governmental decision made on December 2002,[2] its original name is Seoul-Yangyang Expressway, however, it will be expanded completely on 2014, because, though the construction of a phase from Chuncheon Junction to East Hongcheon Interchange finished (earlier than expected) on October 30, 2009, by public-funded KEC, its last phase, East Hongcheon to Yangyang has just recently been started on May 2009. Gapyeong County Bus No. 8004, Gwangju Urban Bus No. 8002, and Namyangju Urban Bus No. 8012 use this highway.


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List of facilities[edit]

IC: Interchange, JC: Junction, SA: Service Area, TG:Tollgate

No. Name Korean Name Hanja Name Connections Distance Notes Location

Connected directly with Olympicdaero(올림픽대로)

Seoul 서울 시점 서울 始點 Olympicdaero - 0.00 Expressway Start Spot Gangdong Seoul

Gangil JC 강일분기점 江一分岐點 Seoul Ring Expressway 0.96 0.96

Seondong IC 선동나들목 船洞나들목

0.96 1.92

Hanam Gyeonggi

Misa IC 미사나들목 渼沙나들목 Misa-daero 2.03 3.95 Seoul-bound Only

1 Deokso·Sampae IC 덕소삼패나들목 德沼三牌나들목 National Route 6 10.91 14.86


TG Namyangju TG 남양주요금소 南楊州料金所

- - Main Tollgate

Hwado JC 화도분기점 和道分岐點 Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway - -

2 Hwado IC 화도나들목 和道나들목 National Route 46 10.91 14.86

3 Seojong IC 서종나들목 西宗나들목 Provincial Route 391 5.30 20.16


4 Seorak IC 설악나들목 雪岳나들목 National Route 37 12.88 33.04


SA Gapyeong SA 가평휴게소 加平休憩所

- -

5 Gangchon IC 강촌나들목 江村나들목 Provincial Route 403 14.20 47.24

Chuncheon Gangwon

6 S. Chuncheon IC 남춘천나들목 南春川나들목 Provincial Route 70 Provincial Route 86 9.03 56.27

TG Dongsan TG 동산요금소 東山料金所

- - Yangyang-bound Only

7 Joyang IC 조양나들목 朝陽나들목 National Route 5 5.50 61.77

8 Chuncheon JC 춘천분기점 春川分岐點 Jungang Expressway 0.44 62.21

9 E. Hongcheon IC 동홍천나들목 東洪川나들목 National Route 44 16.24 78.44


SA Hongcheon SA 홍천휴게소 洪川休憩所

10 Naechon IC 내촌나들목 乃村나들목 Provincial Route 408 16.6

11 Inje IC 인제나들목 麟蹄나들목 National Route 31 21.5


SA Naerincheon SA 내린천휴게소 內麟川休憩所

12 Seorim IC 서림나들목 西林나들목 National Route 44 National Route 56 National Route 59 24.9


13 Yangyang JC 양양분기점 襄陽分岐點 Donghae Expressway 10.2

14 Yangyang IC 양양나들목 襄陽나들목 National Route 44 National Route 56

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^ Toll of Seoul-Chuncheon will be 5,900 won Archived 2012-02-25 at the Wayback Machine.(Korean), Hanguk Jaegyeongshinmun, Retrieved on July 9, 2009 ^ Governmental Decision[permanent dead link], provided by the Ministry of Governmental Legislation

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Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway Corporation (Korean) MOCT South Korean Government Transport Department

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