The Info List - Seokgatap

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SEOKGATAP ( Sakyamuni
Pagoda) is a stone pagoda in South Korea designated as the 21st National Treasure on December 12, 1962. Its full name is Sakyamuni
Yeoraesangjuseolbeop Tap, and is sometimes referred to as the Shadowless Pagoda
or the Bulguksa Samcheung Seoktap ("three-storied stone pagoda of Bulguksa").

The pagoda stands 8.2 meters high, directly across from Dabotap within the Bulguksa Temple complex in Gyeongju
, South Korea
South Korea
. It probably dates to around 751, when Bulguksa was completed.


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* 3.1 National treasure No.126

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The Seokgatap
pagoda is in distinct contrast with its more elaborate brother the Dabotap
. The pagoda is of a very simple and basic design and the three stories have a pleasing 4:3:2 ratio which gives the pagoda a sense of balance, stability, and symmetry. The contrast between the simplicity of the Seokgatap
and the complexity of the Dabotap
is designed to represent the dual nature of the Buddha's contemplation and detachment from the world or perhaps it symbolizes the celestial versus the terrestrial. The pagoda's three stories rest on a two tiered base. The simplicity of the pagoda is reinforced by the fact that there are no carvings or reliefs on the faces of the pagoda. Although, the pagoda is surrounded by eight lotus flower stones. The top of the pagoda, which is rather elaborate, was added in 1973 to match a pagoda that was built one hundred years after Seokgatap.


Asadal was an outstanding stonemason of Baekje who was brought to Silla to build Dabotap
and Seokgatap. After several years with no news of her husband, Asadal's young wife went to Seorabeol to find him. However, she was prevented from entering Bulguksa Temple due to the rule tha