The Senate is the appointed upper house of the bicameral Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. The Senate currently sits at Tower D, International Waterfront Centre in Port of Spain as the traditional seat, the Red House is undergoing restoration. The Senate has 31 members all appointed by the President: 16 Government Senators appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister, 6 Opposition Senators appointed on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition and 9 Independent Senators appointed in the discretion of the President from outstanding persons who represent other sectors of civil society. The presiding officer, the President of the Senate, is elected from among the Senators who are not Ministers or Parliamentary Secretaries. A senator must be at least 25 years old and a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.


President of the Senate of Trinidad and Tobago

Senator the Honourable Christine Kangaloo

Independent Senators

  • Sen. Dr. Dhanayshar Mahabir
  • Sen. H.R. Ian Roach
  • Sen. David Small
  • Sen. Stephen Creese
  • Sen. Paul Richards
  • Sen. Sophia Chote SC
  • Sen. Taurel Shrikissoon
  • Sen. Melissa Ramkissoon
  • Sen. Jennifer Raffoul

Government Senators

  • Sen. Nigel de Freitas (Senate Vice-President)
  • Sen. the Hon. Franklin Khan (Leader of Government Business in the Senate & Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs)
  • Sen. the Hon. Clarence Rambharat (Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries)
  • Sen. the Hon. Dennis Moses (Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs)
  • Sen. the Hon. Jennifer Baptiste-Primus (Minister of Labour & Small Enterprise Development)
  • Sen. the Hon. Paula Gopee-Scoon (Minister of Trade and Industry)
  • Sen. Avinash Singh (Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries)
  • Sen. Dr. Lester Henry
  • Sen. Daniel Dookie
  • Sen. Foster Cummings
  • Sen. Ronald Huggins
  • Sen. the Hon. Rohan Sinanan (Minister of Works and Transport)
  • Sen. the Hon. Kazim Hosein (Minister of Local Government)
  • Sen. the Hon. Robert Le Hunte (Minister of Public Utilities)
  • Sen. the Hon. Allyson West (Minister in the Ministry of Finance)

Opposition Senators

  • Sen. Wade Mark (Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate)
  • Sen. Gerald Ramdeen[1]
  • Sen. Khadijah Ameen
  • Sen. Anita Haynes
  • Sen. Saddam Hosein
  • Sen. Taharqa Obika

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