The Senate (Sénat) is the upper house of the bicameral Parliament of the Republic of Congo (Parlement). It has 72 members (six for each of the 12 regions), elected for a six-year term by district, local and regional councils. Prior to the 2008 Senate election, it had 66 members; it was expanded to 72 members at that time to account for the creation of Pointe-Noire Region. Senators serve terms of six years each; terms are staggered so that one-third of the Senate's membership is renewed every two years.[1] A person is ineligible for election to the Senate unless he is a native citizen and at least 50 years old.[2]

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  1. ^ Constitution of the Republic of the Congo, Article 94, paragraph (1): "The duration of the mandate of Deputies shall be 5 years, the duration of the mandate of Senators shall be 6 years. The Senate shall be renewable every two years by thirds. The first third to renew shall be designated by chance."
  2. ^ Constitution of the Republic of the Congo, Article 93, paragraph (4): "Senators shall be elected by indirect universal suffrage by the Councils and Districts, Regions, Arrondisements, and Communes. No one shall be elected Senator if he has not attained the age of 50 years or if he is not a native born Congolese citizen."