Self-limiting (disambiguation)



Self-limiting may refer to: *
Self-limiting (biology) In biology, a self-limiting organism or colony of organisms limits its own growth by its actions. For example, a single organism may have a maximum size determined by genetics, or a colony of organisms may release waste which is ultimately toxic to ...
, an organism or colony of organisms which limits its own growth *
Governor (device) A governor, or speed limiter or controller, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine. A classic example is the centrifugal governor, also known as the Watt or fly-ball governor on a reciprocating st ...
, used to control the speed of mechanical equipment to prevent it from operating at unsafe speeds * Electronic speed limiter, a system set by a manufacturer or by a driver to limit the maximum speed which can be reached by a road vehicle

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Self-regulation (disambiguation) Self-regulation may refer to: *Emotional self-regulation *Self-control, in sociology/psychology * Self-regulated learning, in educational psychology * Self-regulation theory (SRT), a system of conscious personal management *Industry self-regulatio ...