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SEISYLLWG was a petty kingdom of medieval Wales
. It is unclear when it emerged as a distinct unit, but according to later sources it consisted of the former Kingdom of Ceredigion
Kingdom of Ceredigion
plus the region known as Ystrad Tywi . Thus it covered the modern county of Ceredigion
, part of Carmarthenshire , and the Gower Peninsula
Gower Peninsula
. It is evidently named after Seisyll , king of Ceredigion
in the 7th or early 8th century, but it is unknown if he was directly responsible for its establishment. In the 10th century Seisyllwg
became the center of power for Hywel Dda
Hywel Dda
, who came to rule most of Wales. In 920 Hywel merged Seisyllwg
with the Kingdom of Dyfed
Kingdom of Dyfed
to form the new kingdom of Deheubarth .


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It is unclear when Seisyllwg
emerged as a distinct unit. It is assumed to have been named for Seisyll ap Clydog , King of Ceredigion in the 7th or early 8th century, and as such he is traditionally regarded as its founder. Seisyll appears in the Harleian genealogies for the Kings of Ceredigion, but no early sources attribute the foundation of Seisyllwg
to him, and the name Ceredigion
continues to be used into the 9th century. The name Seisyllwg
appears in some later sources, such as the Book of Llandaff , the Welsh Triads
Welsh Triads
, and the Welsh laws , the latter of which describes it as one of the three principal subdivisions of South Wales, along with Morgannwg and Reinwg (probably Dyfed ). However, the first clear description of the territory is in the First Branch of the Mabinogi , where Seisyllwg
is said to include the four cantrefs of Ceredigion
plus the three of Ystrad Tywi , a description which accords with that in the laws.


In 872, Gwgon , the last in the traditional line of kings of Ceredigion, drowned, leaving no heir. Gwgon's sister, Angharad , was married to Rhodri the Great of Gwynedd , who became steward over Gwgon's realm. While this gave Rhodri no standing to press a claim to kingship himself, he was able to install his and Angharad's younger son, Cadell , as the new King of Seisyllwg. Cadell ruled as a vassal to his father, and later, to his elder brother Anarawd , who established the Dinefwr family.

After Cadell's death in 911, Seisyllwg
was divided among his two sons, Howel (later known as Hywel Dda, or Howel the Good), and Clydog. Hywel probably already had control over the neighboring kingdom of Dyfed by that time; there are no known kings of Dyfed following the death of Llywarch ap Hyfaidd in 904, and Hywel is known to have been married to Llywarch's daughter, Elen. He certainly had control over it by the time Clydog died in 920, leaving the whole of Seissylwg to Hywel. Hwyel quickly merged Seisyllwg
and Dyfed into the new kingdom of Deheubarth , which covered most of southwest Wales. From this power base, he later went on to unite almost all of Wales.


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