Seek Limited (stylized as SEEK) and its subsidiary companies, known as the Seek Group, focus on facilitating the matching between jobseekers and employment opportunities and helping hirers find candidates for advertised roles.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Seek is a publicly company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASXSEK). Operating across Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, Seek has an exposure to over 4 billion people and greater than 30% of Global GDP.[1]


Seek was founded in November 1997[2] by Andrew Bassat, Paul Bassat and Matt Rockman. In March 1998, its website was launched. On 18 April 2005, Seek was floated on the Australian Securities Exchange with a market capitalisation of $587 million.[3]


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